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Welcome to the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) group design standards training. The WWC offers this training to inform the public about the key elements of the WWC group design standards, increase transparency of our review process, and promote the use of high quality, rigorous research.

This training series includes five modules, each focused on a different aspect of the WWC group design standards. We recommend viewing the modules in numerical order. Start with the Introduction video, which describes the goals, topics, and organization of this training.

If you view all five modules on WWC standards in this training series, you will earn a certificate of completion. When you complete the final module, choose the "Print Certificate" menu option on the left to receive your certificate.

Completing this online training course is one step toward becoming certified in the WWC group design standards. Becoming certified also requires completing the WWC Procedures Training, which builds on the five modules on WWC standards, and includes modules on the WWC’s procedures for reviewing studies and reporting findings. In addition, the certification process requires earning a passing score on a certification exam. We expect to be able to offer the WWC Procedures Training and the certification exam online sometime during 2018.

To receive updates about new training content and/or certification options, please subscribe to the WWC’s Newsflash.

Welcome to the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) group design standards recertification page.

The WWC has recently updated the standards and procedures that guide our work, releasing two new handbooks: the WWC Standards Handbook (version 4.0) (3.1 MB) and the WWC Procedures Handbook (version 4.0) (800 KB).

This page provides details on how reviewers already certified under version 3.0 of the WWC group design standards can become recertified under version 4.0. If you have not been certified on the WWC procedures and standards but are interested in becoming a reviewer, please see WWC Reviewer Certification resource for more information.


The recertification process includes four key steps:


The standards used to review cluster-level assignment studies have undergone major revisions for version 4.0 of the WWC procedures and standards. Click the ‘Cluster-Level Assignment’ button on the left to view the training video about the standards and how to apply them when reviewing cluster-level assignment studies.

We recommend you view this training module prior to the reviewer recertification training webinar.


A presentation on January 12, 2018, covered the major changes to the WWC procedures and standards that are not related to the overhauled design standards for cluster-level assignment studies.

If you were unable to attend the webinar on January 12, please view the recording on the left.

A transcript may also be found in the WWC Resources section on the left.


Reviewers must pass an exam containing ten multiple-choice questions to become recertified on version 4.0 of the WWC group design standards. Reviewers are allowed two attempts to pass the test (achieve a score of 80 percent or higher).

You received credentials allowing you to access the recertification exam after registering for the recertification training webinar or one of the WWC office hours (see below). Please contact the WWC Help Desk if you have any concerns about accessing the exam.


After passing the recertification exam, reviewers are required to view the training module on the SRG, which has undergone revisions based on the changes to the WWC standards and procedures. This training module will be posted on the left once available.

After you have passed the recertification test and viewed the online training module on the SRG, please email WWCRecertification@mathematica-mpr.com to complete the recertification process.

Have any questions or want more information on the changes to WWC procedures and standards?

The recertification training team is here to help!

The WWC held two office-hour style webinars for questions about the changes in the procedures and standards.

The transcripts for the webinars on January 22 and 26, 2018, are available in the WWC Resources section on the left.

You may also submit written questions to the trainers by emailing WWCRecertification@mathematica-mpr.com.

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