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Letters from the Commissioner

Dear Colleagues,

As Commissioner of the National Center for Education Research, I want to welcome you and thank you for your interest in our Center. Since its inception in 2002, NCER has been dedicated to supporting rigorous research that focuses on solving the most complex education problems in our country. Our research and research training initiatives work toward providing high-quality learning opportunities for all children, youth, and adults.

The research investments we have made to date have provided countless insights and rigorous evidence about what works for whom under what conditions. We encourage you to look at our Funded Projects database to learn more about the wide range of projects we have invested in.

I am especially proud of the work NCER has done to advance the education sciences, both by expanding the number of researchers doing high-quality research through our Education Research Training Programs and by leading conversations on ways to improve the education sciences, such as an increased focus on replication studies, improved dissemination, and the integration of cost analyses in impact studies.

At a time when there is so much uncertainty and change seems to happen at the drop of a hat, there is one thing that I am certain of—there has never been a more critical time to invest in education. Through these "Letters from the Commissioner," I will share what NCER is doing to address the nation's most pressing needs, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.


Elizabeth Albro
Commissioner, NCER

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