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July 2017

Invitation for Public Comment on IES Research Goals 3 and 4

The deadline for submitting public comments has passed. A summary of the comments received will be posted to the IES website. If you have comments or questions about IES research goals or programs, please email

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) is seeking input on its education and special education research programs, specifically around two of its five research goals—Efficacy and Replication (Goal 3), and Effectiveness (Goal 4). IES is requesting feedback on whether these goals, as currently configured, are meeting the needs of the field, or whether changes should be considered to incentivize and support more replication and effectiveness studies. Please read the Invitation for Public Comment letter for more information. Those wishing to provide feedback may send it by email to Comments are requested by Monday, October 2, 2017.

PDF File Invitation for Public Comment Letter (80 KB) July 25, 2017

August 2014

Responses to the Request for Public Comment on NCER and NCSER Research Programs

In August 2014, the National Center for Education Research (NCER) and the National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER) issued a request for public comment on their research programs and the needs of the field as part of an ongoing effort to seek stakeholder input and to make improvements in NCER's and NCSER's research and training programs. Specifically, the IES research centers asked for comment on the following: (1) characteristics of education and special education studies that have had the most influence on policy and practice, and the lessons we can draw from these studies to inform NCER's and NCSER's future work; (2) critical problems or issues on which new research is needed; and (3) ways in which the NCER and NCSER can target their funds to do the most good for the field. This document summarizes the input NCER and NCSER received in response to the request for public comment.

PDF File View, download, and print the Responses to the Request for Public Comment on NCER and NCSER Research Programs document as a PDF file (330 KB)