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Dr. Corinne Alfeld
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Dr. Katina Stapleton
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The Improving Education Systems (Systems) topic supports research to directly improve the organization, programs, policies, and management of schools serving students in kindergarten through high school and their state/local education agencies in order to improve the education outcomes of students.

Through this topic, the Institute seeks to develop and evaluate broad policies and/or programs that affect large numbers of schools within a district, state, or the nation. A broad spectrum of programs and policies can be addressed including school reform and reorganization, accountability systems, school choice, data use and cost accounting, supports for struggling students, and college- and career-readiness initiatives for high school students. The increasing availability of state and district administrative data has created new opportunities to measure change in student outcomes and the factors associated with such change as well as evaluate specific programs or policies. Research of this type offers an opportunity for researchers and state or local education agencies to develop joint projects that will produce results directly applicable to local needs while also informing the field.

The long-term outcome of this research will be an array of State- and district-wide policies, programs, and practices (e.g., organizational strategies, financial and management practices), that improve the operation of districts and schools in ways that improve student education outcomes.