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Methods Training for Education Research


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Dr. Lara Faust
(202) 245-6532


The Institute's training programs are intended to help ensure that researchers have the skills to produce research that is rigorous in method as well as relevant and accessible to education stakeholders such as practitioners and policymakers.

Methods Training for Education Researchers supports training of current education researchers to expand and upgrade their methodological skills. Education researchers include individuals located in colleges and universities as well as individuals working in state and local education agencies, education-focused organizations, and companies that have developed and deployed education related products and services. Supported training should respond to the ongoing development and adaptation of methods concerning the design of education studies, analysis of the data collected, and practical interpretation of the results of analyses.

IES is not specifying the methodologies to be addressed. However, IES encourages applications that will provide training intended to

  • Support researchers and state and local education agency staff acquire skills necessary to obtain and generate the evidence needed for policy and programmatic decisions
  • Ensure that education researchers keep up with advances in the field

IES is interested in projects that provide researchers with targeted, relevant training they can immediately apply in their work rather than supporting broad methodological education of the type provided by certificate or degree programs. For example, IES is currently supporting workshops on cluster randomized trials and meta-analysis, and has previously supported workshops on quasi-experimental designs and cost-effectiveness analysis. IES is also open to the use of other formats in addition to the summer workshop especially those that provide ongoing training over a longer period and can be directly applied to the real-world issues faced by participants.