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Resources for Researchers
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IES Research Funding Resources & Technical Assistance

To view research funding opportunities webinars, attend virtual office hours, learn about cost analyses, or watch videos demonstrating the submission and peer review process, click here.
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Methodological Resources

For methodological resources to assist in preparing an IES research grant application, click here.
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Research Methods Training Programs 2023

IES is funding four research methods training programs that are holding workshops this summer. These workshops support the training of current education researchers to expand and upgrade their methodological skills. click here.
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Available Datasets and Tools

To learn more about datasets available to researchers, click here.
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Peer Review Process

For additional information about the IES peer review process for research grants and reports, click here.
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Public Access to Research

For information on IES' policy regarding public access to research, click here
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How Can I Learn About IES Funded Research?

A listing of education conferences where IES-funded researchers typically present their findings, and when available, information about IES-funded presentations at those conferences throughout the year.

                               Click here for printable flyers about IES resources for researchers and grant applicants.

Archived video presentations from previous IES Research Conferences and Summer Research Training Institutes