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Grant Program: Research Grants Focused on Systematic Replication
Contact: Dr. Christina Chhin
(202) 245-7736

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) provides scientific evidence to improve education practice and policy and shares that evidence in a way that can be used by educators, parents, policymakers, researchers, and the public. Systematic replication studies that vary one or more aspects of a previous study contribute to a better understanding of what interventions improve education outcomes and the conditions under which they will likely work and for whom. Under the Research Grants Focused on Systematic Replication competition (84.305R), IES will support systematic replication studies of interventions that have produced beneficial effects on education outcomes in one or more rigorous causal-impact studies. Interventions can include those that were developed and/or tested with IES funding as well as those that have not been funded by IES.


Companion Guidelines on Replication and Reproducibility in Education Research (2018)

Supporting a Culture of Replication: An Examination of Education and Special Education Research Grants Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (2018)