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Postsecondary and Adult Education


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Dr. Meredith Larson
(202) 245-7037

Dr. James Benson
(202) 245-8333


Contact Dr. Meredith Larson for Adult Education, Postsecondary Teaching and Learning Topics

Contact Dr. James Benson for Postsecondary Policies, Systems, and Broad Reforms Topics

The Postsecondary and Adult Education (PSAE) topic supports research that will lead to improved access to, persistence in, progress through, and completion of postsecondary and adult education programs, including the full range of adult literacy activities described in Title II of the Work Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), sub-baccalaureate programs, and associateís and bachelorís degree programs. PSAE research also aims to improve instruction and learning in postsecondary and adult education settings and helping to ensure that learners develop the skills and abilities required for continued success in education and beyond.

The long-term outcome of this research is to establish an array of effective tools and strategies (e.g., practices, assessments, programs, policies) for improving education outcomes of postsecondary students and adult education learners.

The PSAE topic was established in FY 2011. However, as early as 2006, NCER supported postsecondary and adult education research through various programs including the National Research and Development Center program and topic areas including Reading and Writing, Interventions for Struggling Adolescent and Adult Readers and Writers, Middle and High School Reform, Postsecondary, and Adult Education.

By joining the postsecondary education and adult education research foci into one topic area, NCER acknowledged the complex and sometimes overlapping paths adult learners travel when pursuing education throughout their lives.

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