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NCER announces FY 2010 SBIR Awards

2010 IES SBIR Phase I Awards

Computer Adaptive Triarchic Assessment and Instructional Activities for Early Childhood
Children's Progress, Christopher Camacho

Fablab Construction Station: Engaging Teacher and Students in Technology, Engineering, and Math
Fablevision, Inc., Gary Goldberger

Handheld Technology to Assist Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder
HandHold Adaptive, LLC, Robert Tedesco

Readorium: Smart Software for Reading Comprehension
Mtelegence Corporation, Harriet Isecke

Planet First Energy World (PFEW)
One Planet Education Network, LLC, George Newman

Virtual Physics Laboratory for High School Students
Polyhedron Learning Media, Inc, Jeanne Finstein

Developing a More Effective Speech Therapy Distance Learning Web-Based Product and Service
Presence Telecare, LLC, Jack Lynch

College Remediation Using Artificial Intelligence
Quantum Simulations, Inc., Benny Johnson

My Personal Academic Plan
ScholarCentric, Jennifer Lytle Begonia

School Views (VIEWS): Volunteer, Internship, and Employment Web Solutions
Student Employment Services, LLC, James Hohorst

The Social Shape Up System (SSUS): A Framework for Educators to Teach and Monitor Class-Wide Social Behavior
Teaching Research Institute, LLC, Lynn Singletary

Captain S: Enhancing Critical Thinking Through Online Socratic Instruction in Fifth Grade Social Studies
Triad Digital Media, Inc., Robert Brown

An Online Intelligent Tutoring System to Advance Learning in Math Games
Virtual Learning Technologies, Inc., Snehal Patel

An Interactive Social Tutoring System to Improve and Measure Social Goals for Students Related to Academic and Other School Related Outcomes
3-C Institute for Social Development, Melissa DeRosier

2010 IES SBIR Fast-Track (Phase I & II) Awards

The Learning Element: A Lesson Planning and Curriculum Documentation Tool for Teachers
Common Ground Publishing, LLC, Bill Cope An Anywhere/Anytime Formative Assessment and Learning Feedback Environment
Common Ground Publishing, LLC, Bill Cope

Game-Based Interactive Life Science for Students With Learning Disabilities
Filament Games, Dan White

Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Technologies: Developing Products to Improve Algebra Learning
Insight Learning Technology, Inc., Timothy Burke

The Growth Mindset Learning Platform
Mindset Works, LLC, Lisa Sorich Blackwell

OPEN's Virtual National Parks 3D Learning Environment for Science and Social Studies: Low-Cost and Easy to Implement Curriculums
One Planet Education Network (OPEN), LLC, George Newman