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Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Programs in the Education Sciences


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Program to Increase Research Capacity in Educational Science (PIRT)

Year: 2009
Name of Institution:
Florida State University
Goal: Training
Principal Investigator:
Lonigan, Christopher
Award Amount: $4,998,353
Award Period: 5 years
Award Number: R305B090021


Florida State University established the Program to Increase Research Capacity in Educational Science (PIRT) training program with an IES grant in 2004. With the 2009 grant, PIRT continued to train fellows to conduct evaluation and measurement education research with a focus on reading research. PIRT trainers included education and psychology faculty with expertise and experience conducting high-quality evaluation research (such as large-scale randomized and cluster randomized studies), developing and validating measures (such as diagnostic, screening, and progress monitoring assessments for reading), and using advanced statistical methods (such as multi-level and hierarchical linear modeling, item response theory analyses, structural equation modeling), as well as significant knowledge and content expertise related to abnormal and normal developmental processes in reading, teacher training and professional development, and special needs populations. The PIRT program also collaborated with an institute at Florida State University that had a mandate to develop and evaluate instructional activities to increase the math and science capabilities of Florida's K–12 students.

List of Completed Fellows:Below is a list of the 33 fellows who received funding support from this award and completed the training program.

Allan, Nicholas* (ORCID) Hauptli Everett, Meghan* Nutting, Chelsea
Allan (Sims), Darcey* Hume, Laura*(ORCID) Pilcher, Heather
Arrastia-Lloyd, M. Carridad Kent, Shawn (ORCID) Quinn, Jamie (ORCID)
Barnes- Williams, Adrienne (ORCID) Kowalski, Amanda Rawls, Erik
Christesen, Eric Kutta, Timothy Reta (Andon), Anabelle*
Diehm, Emily (ORCID) LaVenia, Kristina* (ORCID) Spencer, Mercedes
Farrington, Amber* Lerner, Matthew* Spiegel, Jamie (ORCID)
Fitton, Lisa (ORCID) Little, Callie (ORCID) Stephens, Haley*
Folsom, Jessica (ORCID) Lynch, Rebecca* Tighe, Elizabeth (ORCID)
Gatlin, Brandy (ORCID) Mayer, Michael VanGessel, Christina
Goodrich, Marc* (ORCID) McIlraith, Autumn (ORCID) Webb- Burris, Pamela

*Denotes fellows who also received funding from award R305B040074.

Related Projects: PIRT Program to Increase Research Capacity in Educational Science (R305B040074), Florida Interdisciplinary Research Fellows in Education Sciences (FIREFLIES) (R305B0200020)

Products and Publications

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