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What's New for June 2021

New Update to Monthly School Survey Dashboard on Reopening of Schools (June 10, 2021)
The April update of national statistics on school reopenings and modes of instruction offered to students is now available.

WWC Summarizes the Research on Dana Center Mathematics Pathways for College Students (June 10, 2021)
DCMP is an intervention that offers multiple math pathways aligned to programs of study, accelerated enrollment in credit-bearing college math courses, integrated student supports, and math instruction that incorporates evidence-based curricula and pedagogy. The WWC reviewed the research on DCMP and found it to have positive effects on progressing in developmental education and progressing in college.

How States and Districts Used Title II, Part A Funds in 2019-20 (June 9, 2021)
A new report on the $2 billion Title II, Part A program finds that districts used over half of those funds to provide professional development, most commonly focused on improving instructional practice and teacher content knowledge.

Indiana and Minnesota Students Who Focused on Career and Technical Education in High School: Who Are They, and What Are Their College and Employment Outcomes? (June 8, 2021)
REL Midwest examined characteristics of Indiana and Minnesota high school students who concentrated in a career and technical education program of study and compared their college and employment outcomes with those of similar students who completed few or no career and technical education courses.

Parental Involvement in U.S Public Schools in 2017-18 (June 8, 2021)
This report examines parent and/or guardian involvement in various school-based engagement opportunities, as reported by public elementary and secondary school principals before the coronavirus pandemic.

IES and The Council of the Great City Schools Hosts Virtual IES Reading Summit (June 7, 2021)
IES and The Council of the Great City Schools Hosts Virtual IES Reading Summit on June 8 and June 9. This is a free conference with engaging sessions focusing on the declining performance of America's lowest-performing readers and the growing gap between low- and high-performing students. Register here.

Identifying Indicators that Predict Postsecondary Readiness and Success in Arkansas (June 3, 2021)
REL Southwest examined the extent to which college and career readiness indicators in middle and high school, aligned to the Arkansas ESSA plan, predict outcomes of postsecondary readiness (ACT scores), initial college enrollment, and college persistence.

The Effects of Accelerated College Credit Programs on Educational Attainment in Rhode Island (June 1, 2021)
This study from REL Northeast & Islands found that participation in accelerated college credit programs—dual/concurrent enrollment and Advanced Placement testing—has a large, positive, and statistically significant effect on high school graduation, college enrollment, and college readiness.

Mapping State Proficiency Standards onto the NAEP Scales: Results From the 2019 NAEP Reading and Mathematics Assessments (June 1, 2021)
This report highlights the results of mapping state proficiency standards onto the NAEP scales using state assessment results from the 2018–19 school year and the 2019 NAEP assessments for public schools.