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What's New for October 2018

REL Mid-Atlantic Webinar: Regional Approaches to Addressing Teacher Shortages (October 22, 2018)
Join us on October 29 for a webinar on how to address teacher shortages via district-university partnerships.

Study of Enhanced College Advising in Upward Bound: Impacts on Steps Toward College (October 18, 2018)
A new report finds that certain kinds of advising can help disadvantaged students take steps towards enrolling in a more selective college.

The U.S. Department of Education tested a set of promising, low-cost advising strategies, called Find the Fit, designed to help low-income and "first generation" students enrolled in the Department's Upward Bound program choose more selective colleges and stay until they complete a degree. About 200 Upward Bound projects with 4,500 seniors agreed to participate. The projects were randomly assigned to receive Find the Fit to supplement their regular college advising (treatment group) or to offer their regular advising (control group). This first of three reports looks at Find the Fit's effects on students' steps toward enrolling in a more selective college.

REL Mid-Atlantic Webinar: What Research Tells Us About Reducing Student Chronic Absenteeism (October 18, 2018)
Join us on October 25 for a webinar on why chronic absenteeism matters, what the research says about the state of chronic absenteeism, and evidence about approaches to reducing chronic absenteeism.

REL Central Webinar: Using Digital Tools and Social Media to Engage Families in School Improvement Initiatives (October 15, 2018)
Join us on October 23 for a webinar presenting actionable strategies to increase family engagement.

An update on the IES version of LEED standards (October 10, 2018)
IES was working on developing research quality standards inspired by the famous LEED building standards. Our goal in developing these standards is to identify the domains and the core questions that, from the IES perspective, constitute the most important dimensions of high quality education research.

What High Schoolers and Their Parents Know About Public 4-Year Tuition and Fees in Their State (October 10, 2018)
This Statistics in Brief describes high school student perceptions of the cost of college using data from the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09). The analyses examine the accuracy of students' and parents' estimates of public 4-year college tuition and mandatory fees in their states by comparing their estimates with actual tuition and fee amounts obtained from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). The report also examines students' perceptions about college affordability and their plans to enroll in college.

RELs to Hold Two Sessions on Rural Education Needs at the National Rural Education Association convention (October 8, 2018)
Five RELs will join together on October 12 to discuss their research and tools that address pressing concerns in rural education at the National Rural Education Association's annual convention.

REL Appalachia Webinar: Algebra for All: Focus on Visual Representations (October 5, 2018)
Join us on October 17 for a webinar on research-based strategies that support all learners in preparing for algebra I, including English learner students and students who are struggling. Register now.

32 percent of regular, full-time public school teachers hold summer jobs outside of their teaching positions (October 2, 2018)
This Data Point describes regular, full-time public school teachers' jobs during the summer.

REL Northeast & Islands Webinar: Micro-credentialing and Teacher Professional Learning (October 1, 2018)
This webinar on October 17 will provide evidence-based information on micro-credentials and how best to use them to support teacher learning. The webinar also will present lessons learned from early adopters about the design and implementation of these programs. Register now.