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The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Program
The ten RELs partner with educators and policymakers nationwide. REL work is change-oriented, supporting meaningful local, regional, or state decisions about education policies, programs, and practices designed to improve learner outcomes. Learn more about the REL Program.

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Dec 01

Biliteracy Seals in a Large Urban District in New Mexico: Who Earns Them and How Do They Impact College Outcomes?

New Mexico is one of 48 states that offer a biliteracy seal to high school graduates to recognize their proficiency in a non-English language. The Regional Educational Laboratory Southwest English Learners Research Partnership collaborated with a large...
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Nov 21

Student Group Differences In Arkansas’ Indicators of Postsecondary Readiness and Success

Regional Educational Laboratory Southwest partnered with the Arkansas Department of Education to examine Arkansas’s middle school and high school indicators of postsecondary readiness and success, building on an earlier study of these indicators (Hester...
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Nov 02

English Proficiency and the Pandemic: How Texas English Learner Students Fared During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This study examined levels of English proficiency before and during the COVID-19 pandemic among English learner students in grades 3–12 in Texas. In 2020/21, nearly 750,000 students in grades 3–12—approximately one in five Texas students—were English...
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Oct 26

An Examination of the Costs of Texas Community Colleges

Policymakers in Texas want to understand the funding levels necessary for community colleges to meet their promise of providing an affordable and accessible pathway to a postsecondary certificate or degree. Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Southwest...
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Oct 24

Early Progress and Outcomes of a Grow Your Own Grant Program for High School Students and Paraprofessionals in Texas

The Texas Education Agency launched the Grow Your Own (GYO) grant program in 2018 to encourage districts to develop or expand existing high-quality education and training courses for high school students and to support district-employed paraprofessionals...
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Growth mindset, performance avoidance, and academic behaviors in Clark County School District
This study examined student and teacher attitudes and beliefs about growth mindset (beliefs about the malleability of ability and the payoff for student effort), performance avoidance (hiding one’s effort or refraining from making an effort due to concerns...

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