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What's New at REL

REL West Webinar: Using Learning Huddles to Improve Teaching and Learning

This webinar on September 25 will introduce the learning huddle: an innovative update to traditional teacher-inquiry protocols centered on continuous-improvement cycles known as "Plan-Do-Study-Act". » More info


REL Central Webinar: Using Digital Tools and Social Media to Engage Families in School Improvement Initiatives

Please join us on October 23 for a webinar presenting actionable strategies to increase family engagement. » More info


The Impact of Providing Information to Parents About the Role of Algebra II in College Admission

REL Southwest's randomized controlled trial examined the impact of informing parents in Texas about the role of algebra II in college admission on student completion of algebra II in grade 11. » More info


Documenting the REL Research Alliance Experience

This report provides a detailed account of the REL Program's experience establishing and supporting research-practice partnerships during the 2012–17 contract cycle, with the purpose of informing future research-practice partnerships. » More info


Relationships Between Teacher Certification and English Learner Students' Growth in Academic Achievement and English Proficiency

REL Southwest examined the association between teachers certified in bilingual and English as a second language education and growth of English learner students in reading, mathematics, and English proficiency. » More info