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What's New at REL

REL Northeast & Islands Webinar: Preparing High School Students for College-level Math

Join REL Northeast & Islands on February 14 to learn about research on efforts to reduce rates of student placement in college remedial mathematics and one state's experience implementing a math readiness program. » More info


REL Central Webinar: Examining the Reliability and Validity of Teacher Candidate Evaluation Instruments

Join REL Central on February 13 for a webinar on how to examine and ensure the reliability and validity of teacher candidate evaluation instruments. » More info


REL Program Webinar: Promoting Kindergarten Readiness for Dual Language Learners

Join us on January 30 to learn about research-based language models and transition strategies that can help young dual language learners succeed in pre-kindergarten and elementary school. » More info


REL Pacific Webinar: Early Reading Outcomes in the Pacific Region: A Focus on English Learners

Join us on December 12 to learn about evidence-based strategies and interventions for teaching academic content and literacy to English learners in elementary school. » More info


REL Northeast & Islands Webinar: Family and Community Partnerships in Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Join us on December 7 for evidence-based information on family and community partnerships in school-based social and emotional learning programs. » More info