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What's New at REL

Integrating Reading Foundations: A Tool for College Instructors of Pre‑service Teachers

This tool from REL Southeast is designed to assist college instructors in building pre-service teachers' knowledge of evidence-based strategies for helping students in kindergarten through grade 3 acquire the language and literacy skills to succeed academically. » More info


Prekindergarten Program characteristics in Vermont

REL Northeast and Islands analyzed universal prekindergarten program characteristics related to program availability, quality, and parent choice and whether those characteristics differed for public school and private programs in Vermont in the 2018/19 school year. » More info


Alternative Career Readiness Measures for Small and Rural Districts in Texas

REL Southwest examined the extent that high school graduates meet college, career, and military readiness accountability standards and demonstrate career readiness via alternative options, particularly in small and rural districts. » More info


Students' Use of School-Based Telemedicine Services and Rates of Returning to Class After These Services in a Small Elementary School District

Descriptive results from a REL West study of one California district indicate that nearly all telemedicine visits resulted in students returning to classes that day for the remainder of instruction. » More info


Changes in Exclusionary and Nonexclusionary Discipline in Grades K-5 Following State Policy Reform in Oregon

REL Northwest examined whether K-5 policy reforms in Oregon have succeeded in reducing the use of exclusionary discipline, which removes students from classroom instruction. » More info