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What's New at REL

Effects of Reclassifying English Learner Students on Student Achievement in New Mexico

REL Southwest examined the effect reclassifying English learner students in grades 3-8 on English language arts and math achievement to understand whether the current reclassification criterion appropriately identifies New Mexico students who have reached English proficiency. » More info


Effects of a District-Managed Restart Strategy for Low-Performing Schools in Texas

EL Southwest examined the implementation of Texas’ district-managed restart strategy, a school turnaround strategy, and its effect on teacher and principal mobility, student achievement, and student attendance. » More info


English Language Development among American Indian English Learner Students in New Mexico

REL Southwest examined American Indian students identified as English learner students at kindergarten entry in New Mexico public schools in 2013/14 and 2014/15. » More info


Career and Technical Education Credentials in Virginia High Schools: Trends in Attainment and College Enrollment Outcomes

This study from REL Appalachia describes student outcomes in the years before and after Virginia added a career and technical education (CTE) credential requirement to the Standard diploma. » More info


Examining the implementation and impact of full-day kindergarten in Oregon

In 2015/16 Oregon created incentives for districts to offer full-day kindergarten (FDK). » More info