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What's New at REL

REL Northeast & Islands Webinar: Family and Community Partnerships in Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Join us on December 7 for evidence-based information on family and community partnerships in school-based social and emotional learning programs. » More info


REL Midwest Event: Screening of "Making It: Latino Students' Pathways to College"

On November 14, REL Midwest will host a screening of a documentary on evidence-based practices to support Latino students on their pathway to a postsecondary education. » More info


REL Mid-Atlantic Webinar: Regional Approaches to Addressing Teacher Shortages

Join us on October 29 for a webinar on how to address teacher shortages via district-university partnerships. » More info


REL Mid-Atlantic Webinar: What Research Tells Us About Reducing Student Chronic Absenteeism

Join us on October 25 for a webinar on why chronic absenteeism matters, what the research says about the state of chronic absenteeism, and evidence about approaches to reducing chronic absenteeism. » More info


REL Central Webinar: Using Digital Tools and Social Media to Engage Families in School Improvement Initiatives

Join us on October 23 for a webinar presenting actionable strategies to increase family engagement. » More info