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Grant Program: Autism Spectrum Disorders
Contact: Dr. Emily Weaver
(202) 245-7114

The Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) topic supports research on the development, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive school-based interventions (i.e., interventions that directly target, in a coordinated fashion, multiple outcomes) intended to improve outcomes for students identified with or at risk for ASD from kindergarten through Grade 12.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 59 children are classified as having an ASD. As the number of children diagnosed with ASD is increasing, the need for research-based interventions has similarly increased, especially interventions in education settings. Schools not only provide the setting in which children learn to function in the world on multiple levels (e.g., social interactions, academics, learning), but also reach children and their families who may otherwise not receive needed services. However, the prevalence of ASD places extraordinary demands on schools, teachers, and other school-based personnel. Furthermore, the variability in symptoms and range of severity creates significant challenges to understanding, developing, and evaluating ASD interventions in education settings. Research funded by NCSER has made important contributions to examining intervention in education and related settings that play key roles in providing support to children with or at risk for ASD.

Since 2007, NCSER has invested over $42 million in the ASD program to support research projects across four goals.

Exploration Projects
Development and Innovation Projects
Efficacy and Replication Projects
Measurement Project



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