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Funding Opportunities

Research Methods Training Programs 2022

IES is funding four research methods training programs that are holding workshops this summer. These workshops support the training of current education researchers and practitioners to expand and upgrade their methodological skills. Participants include individuals located in colleges and universities, state and local education agencies, education-focused organizations, and companies that have developed and deployed education-related products and services. The four training workshops include the following:

Cluster-Randomized Trials: This program provides training on carrying out rigorous evaluations of the impact of education interventions including planning, implementing, and analyzing data for cluster-randomized trials randomized experiments.

Economic Analysis: This program will hold two workshops: a 3-day training and a 5-day training.

Meta-analysis: This program will train researchers in state-of-the-art meta-analytic techniques.

Evidence-based Intervention Training for Education: This program trains teams (2–6 people) on the use of Evidence-based interventions in school/educational settings. The teams may come from the same school or district and include research partners.

If you are interested in these topics but unable to attend, please see the resources posted on the websites.