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Grant Program: Educators and School-Based Service Providers
Contact: Dr. Katherine (Katie) Taylor
(202) 987-0071

The Educators and School-Based Service Providers (Educators) topic supports research that contributes to the identification of effective strategies for improving the performance of teachers and other school-based service providers (e.g., related services) in ways that improve the educational outcomes of students with or at risk for disabilities from kindergarten through Grade 12.

This topic was developed to address a critical need for research on teachers and other school-based service providers who work with students with or at risk for disabilities. Teachers and other school-based service providers play a critical role in improving learner outcomes, yet there are important gaps in our understanding of how to prepare, support, and retain an effective educator workforce. To help close these gaps, research is needed on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to educator preparation and licensure, professional development, and working conditions. Research projects funded by this program have aimed to address this need and have resulted in professional development programs for teachers and paraprofessionals targeting a wide range of knowledge and skills and intended to improve student outcomes, measures of effective instruction, and information on the effects of teacher preparation and professional development on teacher and student outcomes.

Since the establishment of this topic in 2007, NCSER has invested over $62 million in the Educators program to support projects across four research goals.

Exploration Projects
Development and Innovation Projects
Efficacy and Replication Projects
Measurement Projects



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