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Grant Program: Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research
Contacts: Dr. Jacquelyn Buckley
(202) 245-6607

Dr. Allen Ruby
(202) 245-8145

The Institute has established the Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research (Research Partnership) grant program (CFDA 84.305H) with the intention of funding partnerships composed of research institutions and State or local education agencies. These partnerships are to identify an education issue with important implications for improving student achievement that is of high priority for the education agency, carry out initial data analyses regarding the education issue, and develop a plan for further research on the issue culminating in an application to one of the Institute's research grant programs. The ultimate goal of the partnerships is to conduct research that that has direct implications for improving programs, processes, practices or policies that will result in improved student outcomes. To ensure a full partnership, each organization involved in the partnership will provide at least one Principal Investigator (or Co-Principal Investigator) to the partnership and the Principal or Co-Principal Investigator from the education agency is to have decision-making authority regarding the issue to be examined.

The Institute expects the grantee to provide the following at the end of a Research Partnership project:

  1. A description of the partnership as developed over the course of the grant.
  2. A description of the education issue addressed by the partnership.
  3. The results of the completed initial data analyses of administrative data.
  4. The results from any additional data collections and/or analyses.
  5. A fully developed application, ready for submission to one of the Institute's grant competitions, to support the partnership in carrying out further research on the issue.
  6. Recommendations for how the partnership could be maintained over the longer term.
  7. Lessons learned from developing the partnership that could be used by others in forming such partnerships.