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Using ELS:2002 and NELS:88 for Research and Policy Discussion (July 9-11, 2007 - Washington, DC)
To submit your details, a response must be provided for each required item.
Form Instructions
Participants attending the seminar should have a solid understanding of statistical methods, be experienced in using personal computers, and be proficient in the use of SPSS or SAS statistical software packages. Participants will be expected to know how to perform basic SPSS or SAS procedures, including recoding data and running descriptive analyses (e.g., frequency distributions, cross-tabulations, means). Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Significance of the proposed research and potential benefit from participation in the seminar;
  2. Consistency of the proposed research agenda with the data available in ELS:2002 or NELS:88;
  3. experience in educational research; and
  4. knowledge and skills in statistical analyses and the use of statistical computer packages.
There is no fee to attend the seminar. NCES will provide training materials as well as computers for hands-on practice. NCES will also pay for transportation, hotel accommodations, and a fixed per diem for meals and incidental expenses during the training seminar.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, please complete this application form and and return the following documents to Joy Butler via e-mail:

  1. A copy of your resume.
  2. A 1- to 2-page statement, clearly describing your research study and how the study can be furthered by your participation in the seminar.
  3. A letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor if you are a graduate student.
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Computer Related Statistical Software Experience:
All participants must have at least 2 years of SPSS or SAS Experience.
SPSS (Windows)
SAS (Windows)
Please answer the following:
1. Do you have any experience recoding variable values in SPSS or SAS?

2. Have you used weights in your analysis using SPSS or SAS?

3. Have you run statistical analyses using SPSS or SAS?

Area of Research Interest:
Please include a clearly written description of your research interest and how that can be furthered through the use of NCES data (1-2 typewritten pages). Be as specific as possible. If you do not wish to submit your research interest via this form, please e-mail the document to Joy Butler.
Research Interest:
Complete applications should be submitted no later than June 1, 2007. Space is limited for this seminar. Applications will be reviewed and selected candidates will be notified by June 15, 2007.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Joy Butler
Synectics for Management Decisions, Inc.
1901 N. Moore Street, Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22209
tel: (703) 807-2315 / fax: (703) 528-2857
Joy Butler