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IES Grant

Title: Penn GSE in Postdoctoral Training Program in the Education Sciences
Center: NCER Year: 2010
Principal Investigator: Desimone, Laura Awardee: University of Pennsylvania
Program: Postdoctoral Research Training Program in the Education Sciences      [Program Details]
Award Period: 5 years Award Amount: $591,351
Goal: Training Award Number: R305B100013

The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education in Postdoctoral Training Program in the Education Sciences is designed to foster fellows as independent scholars. The emphasis of the program is on developing and/or refining fellows' methodology, design, fieldwork and or substantive area expertise, providing opportunities for scholarly publication and the development of the fellow's independent research agenda. The program, broadly focused on the effects of leadership and teaching on student achievement, targets three main areas: theory, research design and methods, and fieldwork. The research projects that fellows participate in are designed to allow fellows to perform at the highest levels of methodological and substantive rigor. Fellows have the opportunity to participate in two of several research projects. These include

  1. a mixed method longitudinal study of math teachers' mentoring and induction and their effects on teacher knowledge, instruction, and student achievement;
  2. a randomized experiment designed to test the effectiveness of a cognitive science intervention in middle school science; and
  3. the psychometric validation of a cutting-edge leadership assessment.

These projects offer opportunities for developing expertise in qualitative analysis and fieldwork, including the development and analysis of surveys, interviews and classroom observations; the measurement of instruction; multi-level longitudinal modeling; Item Response Theory; psychometrics; design and analysis of randomized experiments; designing customized student assessments; and studying education policy implementation.

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