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Program Announcement: Research Training Program in Special Education: Methods Training Using Single-Case Designs CFDA 84.324B

Program Officer:
Kimberley Sprague, Ed.M.
(202) 245-8464


The Institute's training programs are intended to help ensure that researchers have the skills to produce research that is methodologically rigorous as well as relevant and accessible to education stakeholders such as practitioners and policymakers.

Methods Training Using Single-Case Designs (Single-Case Methods) is intended to support training of researchers to maintain and enhance their methodological skills related to the use of rigorous single-case designs and associated data analysis techniques. Single-Case Methods training helps researchers maintain and upgrade their research and analysis skills so that they can engage in rigorous and relevant research using single-case research designs. The Institute encourages applicants to consider using a variety of training formats, particularly in-person training sessions or workshops and a website for researchers that includes training materials, tools, and resources focused on single-case research designs and analyses. The Institute is interested supporting a project that provides researchers with intensive, relevant training that can be immediately applied in their work. Projects under the Single-Case Methods topic will result in (1) a description of the training program as realized over the course of the grant, including descriptions of all key components discussed in the original application, (2) data demonstrating the program's success in recruiting and training participants and their perceived value of the training, (3) a determination of the program's success in preparing participants with the skills described in the original application, and (4) opportunities for non-participants to benefit from the project (e.g., availability of comprehensive training materials which may include videos, presentation materials, and transcripts).