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Immigrant and Refugee Secondary School Student Intake Policies, Processes, and Supports Resources Toolkit


Description: Meeting the educational and social needs of newly arrived immigrant and refugee students who enroll in secondary schools is an ongoing challenge for educators. For instance, it is often difficult to obtain valid and reliable data on students' prior schooling experiences, which can impact course placement and credit decisions and, consequently, a student's likelihood of graduating on time.

To address this challenge, REL Northwest is creating a toolkit of robust and evidence-based policies and procedures for welcoming, orienting, and guiding immigrant and refugee secondary school students who are new to the United States. Specifically, the toolkit will help district and school staff members use data to guide student intake and course placement decisions, and to implement best practices to support newcomers and their families in the classroom and school community.

Content will include sample student and parent interview protocols for obtaining a student's schooling history, guidance for administering content assessments in a student's home language, district policy examples, and practices for documenting immigrant students' prior schooling data in a student information system. The toolkit will also identify evidence-based practices and provide professional learning for staff members who work with students who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

Projected Release Date: Fall 2020

Partnership or Research Alliance: N/A (This is a cross-state, non-partnership activity.)

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Principal Investigators & Affiliation:
Mary Martinez-Wenzl, REL Northwest at Education Northwest