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REL West partners with educators and policymakers in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah to improve learner outcomes. Learn more about REL West.
What's New at REL West
Sep 30

West Region Public School State Snapshots

In these easy-to-read infographics, REL West provides a snapshot of public school demographics in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah.
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Jul 01

Survey Design Best Practices

This webinar excerpt highlights best practices in designing effective surveys. Administering better surveys leads to more specific and accurate data, and better data leads to better evidence with which to inform decisions.
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Jun 16

Improving outcomes for students and educators

REL West developed a four-page handout providing an overview of the REL program and examples of how REL West works in partnership with stakeholders to address high-leverage needs. This branding material summarizes REL West’s mission, services and resources...
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Dec 22

Self-Affirmation: A Powerful Tool for Addressing Stereotype Threat

The infographic can help educators understand the benefit of self-affirmation classroom writing activities for Black and Latinx students, which have shown promise for buffering students of color against negative stereotype threat. “Stereotype threat”...
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Dec 22

Nevada Adolescent Literacy Network: 2016–2019 Student Achievement Data

The Nevada Adolescent Literacy Network (NALN), convened by a collaboration between the Nevada Department of Education and the University of Nevada-Reno, is a committed group of education, literacy, and community leaders who support efforts to advance...
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Defining and Measuring Progress: Aligning Data and Measures to Outputs and Outcomes of Logic Models
REL West hosted a webinar discussing how to align data in the development of a logic model. The presentation was based on work that REL West has done with the Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) in helping them develop a logic model and aligned...

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