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REL West partners with educators and policymakers in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah to improve learner outcomes. Learn more about REL West.
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Jun 16

Improving outcomes for students and educators

REL West developed a four-page handout providing an overview of the REL program and examples of how REL West works in partnership with stakeholders to address high-leverage needs. This branding material summarizes REL West’s mission, services and resources...
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Dec 27

California’s Special Education Local Plan Areas: Funding Patterns, Inclusion Rates, and Student Outcomes

This study examined publicly available data from the 2016/17 school year. Since 2016/17, California’s special education funding and policy contexts have continued to evolve. However, California may want to further examine which regionalized special education...
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Dec 22

Student Unenrollment in Arizona: Using data visualizations to illustrate changes in student enrollment during the COVID-19 pandemic

Student disengagement is a pressing issue in the United States, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and especially in Arizona. This infographic highlights key enrollment issues in the state to help state and local leaders better understand the current...
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Dec 22

Nevada Adolescent Literacy Network: 2016–2019 Student Achievement Data

The Nevada Adolescent Literacy Network (NALN), convened by a collaboration between the Nevada Department of Education and the University of Nevada-Reno, is a committed group of education, literacy, and community leaders who support efforts to advance...
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Dec 22

Academic Mindsets and Behaviors, Prior Achievement, and the Transition to Middle School

This infographic builds understanding of how positive academic mindsets and behaviors are associated with student success, particularly in the transition to middle school. The infographic presents the findings from a study conducted in Clark County School...
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Growth mindset, performance avoidance, and academic behaviors in Clark County School District
This study examined student and teacher attitudes and beliefs about growth mindset (beliefs about the malleability of ability and the payoff for student effort), performance avoidance (hiding one’s effort or refraining from making an effort due to concerns...

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