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REL Midwest Training and Coaching Resources

REL Midwest offers training and coaching to build individual and organizational capacity to understand and use research in education policy and practice. These efforts have resulted in the following resources for educators, policymakers, and other interested stakeholders.

District 191 Competency-Based Education Training

June 2020

In this training series, REL Midwest is working with staff from Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 in Minnesota to help them better understand competency-based education (CBE) strategies, identify appropriate strategies for their context, and develop plans to implement strategies and monitor their implementation. Participants receive support as they undertake rapid cycles of development, implementation, measurement, and assessment of CBE strategies during the 2020/21 school year. The materials from the first training session are available online.

Demystifying the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey for Prekindergarten Teachers and Providers

March 2020

Designed for prekindergarten teachers and providers in Illinois, this REL Midwest workshop introduced the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) instrument and how it relates to other common early childhood assessments. Workshop participants reviewed KIDS readiness indicators and learned how to use KIDS data to drive their instructional planning. A handout summarizing the ideas for KIDS data use generated during the training is available online.

Supporting Students’ Social and Emotional Learning

March 2020

REL Midwest and the Indiana Department of Education co-hosted two webinars with districts and schools in Indiana that were interested in incorporating social and emotional learning into their schoolwide practices. The recording and slides from each webinar are available online.

Kindergarten Individual Development Survey: Ins and Outs of Observation Training

October 2019

This virtual workshop shared research-driven best practices for conducting Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) observations. Designed for kindergarten teachers and administrators, it focused on practical strategies to incorporate KIDS observations into daily instruction. The recording, slide deck, and handouts are available online.

Environmental Scan of Minnesota Credit-Recovery Programs

September 2019

REL Midwest coached the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) through the process of conducting an environmental scan that identified the practices and programs used by Minnesota public school districts to support students’ credit-recovery efforts. The slide decks and a summary infographic are available online.

Continuous Improvement Through Networked Improvement Communities

July 2019

REL Midwest provided in-depth coaching and consultation in Iowa to help stakeholders identify programs and practices that support the integration of technology into classroom instruction. Materials, including slide decks and facilitation guides, are available online.

School Boards and Educational Equity: Bridging Research, Policy, and Practice

July 2019

This virtual training for school board members and district superintendents raised awareness about opportunity and achievement gaps experienced by Wisconsin’s Black students and helped identify resources and strategies to increase their educational opportunities. The recording and slide deck are available online.

Evidence-Based Practices Training for the Michigan Data Hub

May 2019

REL Midwest facilitated a training session to help Michigan Data Hub staff learn about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) tiers of evidence, the What Works Clearinghouse and other clearinghouses, and how the clearinghouses’ evidence ratings align with ESSA. The slide deck and handout are available online.

World’s Best Workforce 2018 Summary Scan Training for District Staff

May 2019

In this virtual training, REL Midwest and the Minnesota Department of Education provided district staff with information about emerging practices that have supported progress on Minnesota World’s Best Workforce goals related to equity, and successes and challenges in implementing these practices at the local level. The recording and slide deck are available online.

World’s Best Workforce 2018 Summary Scan Training for State Staff

May 2019

This training session provided an overview of a scan of 200 World’s Best Workforce district submissions from 2018 for Minnesota Department of Education staff. The session highlighted findings about district strategies to ensure equitable access to a high-quality, diverse teacher workforce and to address student achievement gaps. The slide deck and handouts are available online.

Lakes Country Service Cooperative Research Methods Training

November 2018

REL Midwest provided a three-hour training on research methods for Lakes Country Service Cooperative staff in Minnesota. The session aimed to improve participants’ understanding of research methods to inform their programmatic decisions. The slide deck and handouts are available online.

Kindergarten Individual Development Survey Data Use Train-the-Trainer Workshop

October 2018

This train-the-trainer workshop built the content knowledge, facilitation skills, and confidence of a cadre of trainers who present Kindergarten Individual Development Survey data use trainings to kindergarten teachers in Illinois. The facilitation guide and all materials needed to lead the data use training are available online.

Environmental Scan on Closing the Black-White Achievement Gap

July 2018

REL Midwest coached the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction through the process of completing an environmental scan of existing state and district policies, programs, and practices aimed at closing the achievement gap. An infographic is available online that details the process for completing an environmental scan, research review, and gap analysis.

Cleveland Research Agenda-Setting Train-the-Trainer Workshop

July 2018

This workshop trained leaders from Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s educational researcher-practitioner partnership, the Cleveland Alliance for Education Research, to conduct research agenda-setting workshops for schools throughout the district. The facilitation guide is available online.

World’s Best Workforce 2016 Summary Scan Webinar

March 2018

In this virtual training, REL Midwest and the Minnesota Department of Education shared information with district staff to ensure a common understanding of the Minnesota World’s Best Workforce legislation and requirements for districts. The presenters also provided highlights from a review of World’s Best Workforce district summaries. The recording and handouts are available online.

Establishing a Networked Improvement Community Focused on Personalized Learning Plans

March 2018

REL Midwest facilitated a one-day, in-person training to help the Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota schools and districts understand the purposes and principles of networked improvement communities. Participants explored the possibility of using networked improvement communities for continuous improvement efforts. The slide deck is available online.

Coherence: Reflection and Study Guide for State Education Agency Leaders

January 2018

REL Midwest developed a study guide to help state education agency leaders take the necessary actions to make their organization a more efficient, coherent support-based agency.

Aligning Evidence-Based Clearinghouses with the ESSA Tiers of Evidence

January 2018

This crosswalk tool can help practitioners and policymakers determine the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) tier of evidence attained by findings about a particular intervention, if the findings are also aligned with another clearinghouse’s evidence standard.

Kindergarten Individual Development Survey Data Use Webinar

November 2017

This virtual training helped Illinois teachers use Kindergarten Individual Development Survey results from their own classrooms to set education goals and action steps. The recording, slide deck, and handouts are available online.

Exploring the Potential of Clinically Oriented Teacher Preparation Programs for Michigan

October 2017

This two-part training explored the potential of clinically oriented teacher preparation programs, or teacher residencies, in Michigan. A training handout is available online that describes characteristics of successful clinically oriented teacher preparation programs, and profiles 10 of these programs throughout the United States.