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Infographics and Posters

Lessons Learned From a Statewide District-Managed Restart Strategy for Low-Performing Schools in Texas

August 2022

This infographic highlights key findings from a REL Southwest School Improvement Research Partnership study to better understand the implementation of the district-managed restart strategy for low-performing schools in Texas and the effects of the strategy on principal and teacher mobility, student achievement, and student attendance.

American Indian English Learner Students and English Language Development

July 2022

American Indian English learner students have unique educational needs. This infographic highlights key findings from a REL Southwest study that examined English language development among American Indian students in New Mexico. The study was conducted by REL Southwest's English Learners Research Partnership with the New Mexico Public Education Department and other Native American educators.

Highlighting the Evidence Behind Strategic School Actions and School Improvement Strategies

February 2021

Understanding the evidence behind whole-school interventions and school improvement strategies can help states and districts turn around their lowest performing schools. This infographic highlights four whole-school interventions, or strategic school actions, for improving student outcomes.

Culturally Responsive Practices to Support American Indian English Learners’ Success

November 2021

To learn core subjects, students need to understand the academic language and context used to explain the subjects. This infographic highlights promising culturally responsive practices to support English learner students—and particularly American Indian English learners—in their understanding of academic vocabulary and content.

Recognizing Bilingual Knowledge Through Biliteracy Seals

November 2021

Designed for parents and caregivers, this infographic describes the use of biliteracy seals as a way to recognize and certify students’ fluency in multiple languages. New Mexico’s State Seal of Bilingualism-Biliteracy is featured as an example.

Participation in State-Funded Prekindergarten Programs

July 2021

Early childhood education can prepare children for kindergarten and help close early learning gaps. This infographic highlights a REL Southwest study examining trends among Oklahoma children enrolled in state-funded prekindergarten as well as strategies that states and districts can use to increase state-funded prekindergarten enrollment.

Assessing the Health of Your Research-Practice Partnership

May 2021

This infographic outlines how you can use REL Southwest’s partnership assessment tool to formatively measure and continuously improve research-practice partnership structures and processes.

Supporting Your Middle or High Schooler’s Writing Skills at Home

February 2021

This resource, co-developed by REL Northwest and REL Southwest, describes several approaches that families and caregivers can use to support their middle or high schooler’s writing skills.

Theory of Change for a Successful School Improvement Partnership

December 2020

This infographic outlines a theory of change for building an effective school improvement partnership. Such partnerships can thrive given three sets of favorable conditions that support successful engagement.

Supporting Student Mental Health and Responding to Trauma

October 2020

Our latest infographic highlights strategies and resources that educators and administrators can use to support students experiencing COVID-19, racial, and other types of trauma. A four-phase approach guides educators in self-reflection and discussion with colleagues around equity.

Supporting Young Children’s Learning and Well-Being at Home: A COVID‑19 Resource for Teachers, Parents, and Caregivers

June 2020

This infographic provides a visual map for what young children need to feel safe, connected, and ready to learn in the time of COVID-19. A modified version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs guides educators and caregivers in supporting children’s most essential needs as well as their higher level needs, such as learning, self-esteem, and personal growth.

Preparing Students for a Bright Future: Individual Learning Plans

May 2020

Individual learning plans (ILPs) help students define their college and career goals and choose courses that support those goals. This infographic highlights ILP practices that studies have linked to improved student academic performance, engagement, and metacognition.

Strategies for Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively

April 2020

Sharpen the writing skills of students in grades 6–12 with these recommendations and tips from the What Works Clearinghouse practice guide Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively.

Using Improvement Cycles to Promote Equitable Instructional Practices: Oklahoma Excel

April 2020

Learn how the Oklahoma State Department of Education, in partnership with our Southwest Networked Improvement Communities research partnership, is using rapid research cycles to try, test, and refine evidence-based instructional practices.

How Can Trusting Relationships with Adults Boost Student Success?

January 2020

This infographic features case study, qualitative, and correlational research on outcomes associated with relationship building in the school environment. To explore more research on this topic, see the companion Ask A REL response.

Strategies for Supporting Secondary School Students’ Reading Development

June 2019

This infographic features research-based recommendations for educators to help secondary school students develop and strengthen key components of literacy development. To explore more research on this topic, see the companion Ask A REL response.

Strategies for Recruiting a Diverse Teacher Workforce

June 2019

This infographic features research-based recommendations for developing a teacher workforce that reflects diverse student populations. To explore more research on this topic, see the companion Ask A REL response.

Fostering Excellent Teaching and Learning Practices Through Networked Improvement Communities: Ensuring Every Child, Teacher, and Leader Has a Champion

April 2019

This poster spotlights how our Southwest Networked Improvement Communities research partnership is supporting Oklahoma’s Champions of Excellence initiative through the use of improvement science and networked improvement communities. The goal is to build a pathway for schools to identify, celebrate, and learn from programs of excellence.

College and Career Readiness in the REL Southwest Region

November 2018

This infographic explores the criteria that each REL Southwest state (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas) is using to demonstrate postsecondary readiness.