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REL Southwest conducts its work primarily through collaborative research partnerships with school districts, state education agencies, policymakers, and others in our region. These partnerships focus on high-leverage education issues that our partners or others in the field have identified as priorities.

Through these partnerships, we conduct research to advance understanding of education issues, support regional stakeholders in building capacity to use data and evidence in education practice, and translate research into actionable resources and tools. To guide this work, each partnership develops a research agenda, drawing on partners’ expertise and knowledge of local and state priorities, including state plans for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Regional communities of practice

Each partnership focuses primarily on one state in our region, enabling members to build connections and dive deeply into problems of practice. At the same time, a regional community of practice connects each partnership with education agency staff focused on similar issues in other states as a way to share resources, research findings, and lessons learned.