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The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Program
The ten RELs partner with educators and policymakers nationwide. REL work is change-oriented, supporting meaningful local, regional, or state decisions about education policies, programs, and practices designed to improve learner outcomes. Learn more about the REL Program.

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What's New at the RELs
Sep 09

Introducing a Partnership for Strengthening Culture-based Elementary Math Education in Standing Rock

REL Central is proud to share our new partnership with the educational groups of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. This infographic sumarizes the goals and intended outcomes of this exciting partnerships. Read to find out more!
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Sep 01

Effects of Reclassifying English Learner Students on Student Achievement in New Mexico

This study examined how attaining English proficiency and being reclassified as fluent English proficient affected achievement in English language arts and math in the first year after student reclassification in grades 3–8 in New Mexico. State policy...
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Aug 08

Effects of a District-Managed Restart Strategy for Low-Performing Schools in Texas

The Texas Education Agency offers grants for districts to implement school turnaround strategies at low-performing schools. Districts that receive these grants can implement a school turnaround strategy (referred to as a district-managed restart strategy...
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May 16

English Language Development Among American Indian English Learner Students in New Mexico

New Mexico’s Every Student Succeeds Act state plan set the goal for all English learner students to attain English proficiency within five years. The Regional Educational Laboratory Southwest English Learners Research Partnership conducted this study...
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Dec 27

California’s Special Education Local Plan Areas: Funding Patterns, Inclusion Rates, and Student Outcomes

This study examined publicly available data from the 2016/17 school year. Since 2016/17, California’s special education funding and policy contexts have continued to evolve. However, California may want to further examine which regionalized special education...
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A Kindergarten Teacher's Guide to Supporting Family Involvement in Foundational Reading Skills
This Kindergarten Teacher's Guide provides information for kindergarten teachers on how to support families as they practice foundational reading skills at home. It serves as a companion to the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) Foundational Skills to Support...

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