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Home Events Back on Track: Lessons Learned from High Dosage Tutoring

Back on Track: Lessons Learned from High Dosage Tutoring

Appalachia | October 28, 2022


Slide Deck

Time: 1:00 – 2:45 pm

Location: Greeneville, TN

Description: REL Appalachia staff led this session at the Niswonger Learning Together Day conference to share with educators the promise of high-dosage tutoring for significantly improving student learning. Participants learned about the research on tutoring and how its effectiveness varies by type of tutor, timing and location of delivery, tutor-student ratio, and frequency and duration of tutoring. To bring the research to life, REL Appalachia staff hosted a panel discussion with Project On-Track tutors and staff who discussed their experiences tutoring K-3 students in the region, including describing different ways Project On-Track can be implemented (i.e., during the school day versus after school).

Audience: This session was intended for teachers and education leaders interested in supporting students through high-dosage tutoring.


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