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About REL Southwest

Regional Educational Lab (REL) Southwest partners with key stakeholders in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas to develop evidence that can inform consequential decisions about policy, programs, and practice. Key stakeholders include organizations with decision-making authority and the ability to influence education policy and practice, such as state and local education agencies, school boards, institutes of higher education, and student, family, and community organizations. RELs partner with these organizations on applied research and development; training, coaching and technical supports; and dissemination. Click here to learn more about the REL Program.

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Helping Arkansas educators implement and evaluate high-quality interventions and initiatives that strengthen students’ college and career readiness. Learn more
Helping Oklahoma early childhood educators deliver developmentally appropriate practices that improve student outcomes. Learn more
Helping Texas state and local education agencies develop a comprehensive toolkit to support grade 6–8 educators and administrators in addressing gaps in reading achievement exacerbated by the pandemic. Learn more
Helping New Mexico educators deliver high-quality literacy instruction that supports all students, including English learner students, in developing stronger literacy and writing skills. Learn more
Helping Louisiana educators nurture and sustain aspiring and early career teachers to build a more diverse and supported teacher workforce. Learn more
Helping Texas educators provide high-quality advising and counseling that prepares students for postsecondary success and meets the state’s workforce needs. Learn more


REL Southwest is led by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) with support from the following partners:

  • Decision Information Resources
  • Empirical Education
  • Gibson Consulting
  • RAND Corporation
  • School Readiness Consulting
  • WestEd

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The REL Governing Board helps REL Southwest prioritize the education needs of the region, provides strategic guidance on REL work to maximize local effectiveness, and leverages members’ regional networks to amplify and disseminate REL products. REL Southwest Governing Board members represent diverse expertise and experience.

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