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Title:  Does a Summer Reading Program Based on Lexiles Affect Reading Comprehension?
Description: To successfully engage in today’s global market, students need advanced literacy skills (Snow, Burns, and Griffin 1998). A lack of proficiency in reading is more widely found in children from economically disadvantaged families (Alexander, Entwisle, and Olson 2007; Lee, Grigg, and Donahue 2007); in fact, by grade 4, only 46 percent of students from economically disadvantaged families achieve reading proficiency above the basic level (Perie, Grigg, & Donahue, 2005). One reason that these students tend to have lower reading proficiency is that they experience a decline in reading comprehension over the summer months, known as summer reading loss (Cooper et al. 1996; David 1979). This disproportionate reading loss for economically disadvantaged students may, in part, be explained by the limited access to books and literacy-related activities in the home environment that many of these students experience.
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Cover Date: March 2012
Web Release: March 7, 2012
Publication #: REL 20124006
Center/Program: REL
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Type of Product: Evaluation Report
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