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IES Grants Promote Partnerships between Researchers and State, Local Educators
June 29, 2017

The Institute of Education Sciences has awarded 15 grants that will foster partnerships between researchers and practitioners to study education policies, programs and practices. The grants, from the National Center for Education Research (NCER), total more than $12 million and are funded through two different research programs.

Evaluation of State and Local Education Programs and Policies grants establish long-term partnerships between research institutions and state or local education agencies to determine the impacts of education programs and policies on student outcomes. The two 2017 grants in this program will support five-year studies of new high school graduation requirements in Texas and a universal prekindergarten program in New York City.

Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research (RPP) grants supports partnerships that carry out initial research on an education issue or problem of importance to a state or school district. The funding allows research institutions to work with a state or local education agency to conduct and promote research—during and after the grant—that has direct implications for improving programs, processes, practices, assessments, or policies and, ultimately, student outcomes. In 2017, the two-year RPP grants will support research on a wide range of topics, including early childhood education, school climate, parental engagement, English learners, and more.

Learn more about research programs and funding opportunities on the IES website.

To read about the work being conducted by two active Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships, visit the IES blog.

Evaluation of State and Local Education Programs and Policies

Strengthening School Readiness through Pre-K for All: A University-District Partnership
Partners: New York University and the New York City Department of Education
Amount: $4,968,839 for five years

An Evaluation of the New Graduation Requirements in Texas
Partners: Texas Education Agency and the American Institutes of Research
Amount: $2,790,413 for five years

Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research

A Partnership to Develop a Meaningful, Reliable, and Valid Measure of Parent Engagement in Early Childhood Education
Partners: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore City Public School, and the Baltimore Education Research Consortium
Amount: $397,761 for two years

A Researcher-Practitioner Partnership Examining the Use of Automated Essay Evaluation Software for Improving Students Writing Achievement
Partners: University of Delaware School of Education and the Red Clay (Del.) Consolidated School District
Amount: $399,999 for two years

Addressing the Growing Diversity of Preschool Populations through Low Incidence Language Barriers: Hmong Language Development to Improve Assessment Approaches
Partners: Saint Paul Public Schools and the University of Minnesota
Amount: $400,000 for two years

Atlanta 323: Partnership for School Readiness and Achievement from Age 3 to Grade 3
Partners: Atlanta Public Schools and Georgia State University
Amount: $400,000 for two years

Cleveland Alliance for School Climate Research
Partners: Cleveland State University, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, and the American Institutes of Research
Amount: $398,386 for two years

Developing a Research and Policy Agenda to Improve School Climate in Virginia
Partners: University of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Education
Amount: $399,618 for two years

Implementing a Comprehensive Data-Based Coordinated System of Care for School Districts to Promote Youth Academic Success and Social Emotional Development
Partners: The Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition, which includes six independent school districts in Boone County, Missouri and researchers at the University of Missouri
Amount: $397,211 for two years

Leveraging Developmental Relationships with Teachers to Enhance Student Motivation
Partners: Bloomington Public Schools and the Search Institute
Amount: $399,446 for two years

Partnership to Study Dual Language Immersion in Utah
Partners: American Councils for International Education, Utah State Board of Education, University of Utah, and American University
Amount: $398,544 for two years

Project PIMSELA: Partnering to Investigate Math and Science English Learners' Access and Achievement
Partners: University of Washington and Seattle (Washington) Public Schools
Amount: $397,500 for two years

The Outcomes and Return on Investment of Concurrent Enrollment in Colorado: A Researcher-Practitioner Partnership to Improve Postsecondary Access and Success
Partners: Colorado Department of Higher Education, University of Colorado at Boulder, Augenblick, Palaich and Associates, the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, and University of Northern Colorado's Education Innovation Institute
Amount: $399,016 for two years.

The Teacher Pipeline in Massachusetts: Connecting Pre-service Performance Measures to In-service Teacher Outcomes
Partners: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and American Institutes of Research
Amount: $399,344 for two years

Quality Counts: Building Capacity to Research Quality in Colorado's Residency Preparation Programs
Partners: Colorado State Department of Education, Denver Public Schools, University of Colorado Denver, and University of Denver
Amount: $399,814 for two years

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