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IES Grant

Title: A one-year follow-up of evidence-based early reading intervention provided by kindergarten and first grade teachers
Center: NCER Year: 2005
Principal Investigator: Blachman, Benita Awardee: Syracuse University
Program: Reading and Writing      [Program Details]
Award Period: 2 years Award Amount: $199,897
Goal: Efficacy and Replication Award Number: R305U050002

Co-Principal Investigator: Christopher Schatschneider

This research will build on a previous project that was designed to address the gap that exists between research and practice in early reading interventions. This study will address unanswered questions regarding the timing and duration of early intervention needed for maximum benefit and investigate whether responsiveness to treatment is influenced by different beginning skill levels and classroom behavior. The relationship between teacher instruction, school context and student outcomes will also be examined.

Email Benita Blachman for additional information:

** This project was submitted to and funded as an Unsolicited application in FY 2005.