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Connecticut Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM): Fidelity of Implementation and Teacher Retention

Northeast & Islands

Description: Research suggests comprehensive teacher induction programs may improve outcomes for new teachers including retention. In 2009, the Connecticut state legislature passed a law creating a new statewide teacher induction program that consists of five modules built on Connecticut's Common Core of Teaching. The program, Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM), pairs beginning teachers with mentors for up to three years to support their professional development. The first cohort of beginning teachers entered the program in the fall of 2010.

REL Northeast & Islands is working with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CT SDE) to investigate the extent to which TEAM is implemented with fidelity to the program elements required by the state legislation. Examples of these program elements include the number of contact hours between mentors and beginning teachers and the number of TEAM modules completed each year. REL Northeast & Islands will also investigate whether the fidelity of TEAM implementation is associated with retention of beginning teachers.

Research Questions:

  1. To what extent is the TEAM program implemented with fidelity?
  2. Does fidelity of implementation vary by district, school, or teacher characteristics?
  3. Is fidelity of implementation of the TEAM program correlated with teacher retention after one year of teaching? After two years? After three years?

Study Design: REL Northeast & Islands will create a series of binary fidelity scores for each beginning teacher, where the scores represent the presence or absence of fidelity in implementing program elements required by the state legislation. Then, descriptive statistics will be calculated for those fidelity scores, overall and disaggregated by district and school characteristics. Finally, regression analysis will be performed to examine the association between fidelity scores and teacher retention.

Projected Release Date: Early 2020

Partnership or Research Alliance: Professional Learning and Development Research Alliance

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Principal Investigators & Affiliation:
Makoto Hanita, Ph.D., Education Development Center
Jessica Bailey, Ph.D., Education Development Center
Candice Bocala, Ed.D., WestEd