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What's New for December 2022

The Louisiana Believe and Prepare educator preparation reform: Findings from the pilot and early implementation years (December 12, 2022)
REL Southwest examined the extent to which the Louisiana Believe and Prepare educator preparation reform is contributing to expected improvement in the outcomes for early career teachers using data from eight cohorts of teacher candidates who completed a traditional undergraduate teacher preparation program between 2012/13 and 2019/20.

Encouraging families to visit a literacy website (December 7, 2022)
In Arkansas, REL Southwest studied the effectiveness of using emails and text messages to increase the number of parents or guardians of elementary school children visiting a state literacy website.

Stabilizing school accountability metrics (December 5, 2022)
This white paper describes a way to improve school accountability metrics by reducing measurement error, which can obscure school performance, especially in small schools or subgroups. This approach, called Bayesian hierarchical modeling, can help states target the schools and subgroups that most need additional support.

Indicators of School Performance in Texas (December 5, 2022)
REL Southwest partnered with the Texas Education Agency to examine student behaviors and teacher factors that could be used to create indicators of school performance when accountability data are not available.

Biliteracy Seals in a Large Urban District in New Mexico: Who Earns Them and How Do They Impact College Outcomes? (December 1, 2022)
REL Southwest examined the characteristics and college readiness of students from three cohorts of grade 12 students in 2017/182019/20 in a large urban district in New Mexico who earned different types of biliteracy seals (state, district, and global seals) and whether earning a seal resulted in improved college outcomes.