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What's New at REL West

Webinar: Language & Literacy Development in PreK–1st Grade: Words and More

Watch the second installment of our English Learner Webinar Series, focused on creating language and vocabulary-rich classroom environments that support the language development of young students.


Blog: How REL West is Helping One Arizona High School Focus on College and Career Readiness

Read about how Flagstaff High School, with the help of REL West, is transforming its culture and creating cross-sector partnerships to support students' postsecondary pursuits.


Blog: From the REL West Reference Desk: How an Ask-a-REL Memo Helped Teachers Understand Student Motivation

Read our REL West blog about how a recent Ask-a-REL submission originated and was shared by teacher and blogger Larry Ferlazzo.


Blog: REL West and REL Northeast and Islands Host Webinar on Promoting Kindergarten Readiness for Dual Language Learners

Presenters shared strategies for supporting young students' English proficiency and enhancing vocabulary development.


Report: Adoption of, enrollment in, and teacher workload for the Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum in California high schools

Read the latest report from REL West on the implementation of a grade 12 course designed to support college readiness.


Blog: Evidence in Education Is All the Buzz in the Beehive State

Learn about a series of workshops in Utah designed to support local education entities to implement evidence-based interventions under ESSA.


Blog: Expanding Evidence-Based Supports for School Leaders in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah

How is REL West helping to strengthen states’ abilities to provide evidence-based supports for principals?

Featured Video

Reducing Chronic Absenteeism: Every Day Counts!

This 19-minute video helps schools and districts understand that chronic absenteeism is a problem they can address.

Featured Event

Identifying and Transforming Educational Inequities

October 5, 2017 & October 26, 2017

Presenters introduce key research on the existence and impact of microaggressions in education and share a four-stage framework for transformation that can be used within education systems to identify and address racial inequities and their impact on school climate.