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Relationships Between Teacher Certification and English Learner Students' Growth in Academic Achievement and English Proficiency

REL Southwest examined the association between teachers certified in bilingual and English as a second language education and growth of English learner students in reading, mathematics, and English proficiency. » More info


REL Southwest Examines Algebra II Completion and Failure Rates After Texas Changed Its Graduation Requirements

This study examines Algebra II completion and failure rates for students entering Texas public high schools from 2007/08 through 2014/15. » More info


Impact of a Checklist on Principal–Teacher Feedback Conferences Following Classroom Observations

REL Southwest's statewide experiment in New Mexico in 2015/16 tested whether providing principals and teachers a checklist to use in feedback conferences would improve the quality and impact of the conferences. » More info


Initial Spanish Proficiency and English Language Development Among Spanish-Speaking English Learner Students in New Mexico

REL Southwest examined whether differences in initial kindergarten Spanish proficiency for Spanish-speaking English learner students in New Mexico were linked to disparities in attaining English proficiency and academic achievement in reading and math by grades 4 and 5. » More info


Special Education Enrollment and Classification in Louisiana Charter and Traditional Schools

This REL Southwest study examines the special education enrollment gap between charter and traditional public schools in four Louisiana educational regions from 2010/11 to 2013/14 and explores possible sources of the gap. » More info

Featured Publication

Teachers' Responses to Feedback from Evaluators: What Feedback Characteristics Matter?

Two Professionals looking over a laptop This study describes teacher's experiences with feedback and identifies factors that may influence teachers' use of feedback by examining teachers' perceptions of feedback provided as part of the district's teacher evaluation system.

How Do School Districts Mentor New Teachers?

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