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Putting Research into Action
The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northwest partners with stakeholders in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington on using data and evidence to improve educational equity and student success.


Putting a Freeze on Summer Melt

Summer melt is real; up to 40 percent of high school seniors who enroll in college don't show up in the fall. This post shares helpful resources and invites readers to expand the conversation on postsecondary success.


Empowering Rural Educators with Networks and Data

When teachers connect, students thrive. Driven by that belief, the NW RISE Network is harnessing the power of data to improve student engagement and teacher collaboration in some of the region's most remote communities

Evidence Blast

Educator Recruitment & Retention

For this Evidence Blast, we searched the literature for recent, publicly available studies on teacher recruitment, training, and retention, with special attention to research conducted in rural areas.


Strategies Families Can Use to Help Children Learn Math

Families can play an important role in teaching their children math by helping them see math all around them. Doing so can help kids develop a lifelong love of math, which sets them up for success in school and beyond.

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Teaching Newcomer English Learners: Four Powerful Vocabulary Practices

What instructional strategies are most effective in helping newcomer English learner students develop the language skills they need to succeed? Watch this video to learn evidence-based activities teachers can use to build English learners' academic vocabulary.

Works in Progress

Learn more about the research projects currently underway.