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The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northwest partners with stakeholders in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington on using data and evidence to improve educational equity and student success.


Strategies for Improving the Accuracy of Native Student Identification

Many Native students do not receive the services they need simply because they are not identified as Native. Learn how school systems can improve their processes to help Native students succeed in school.


How to Boost Your Middle Schooler's Math Confidence and Success

Does your teen get frustrated about math? This video shows parents how to improve older children's math attitude, motivate them to keep trying, and discuss how their persistence could pay off.


Ways to Create Welcoming, Bully-free Online Learning Environments

With students spending a lot more time online with varying levels of adult supervision, the need to prevent cyberbullying is critical. Vicki Nishioka offers five strategies for educators.


How Education Leaders Can Support Students with Autism During School Closures

Disruptions caused by COVID-19 can be especially stressful for students with autism. University of Idaho's Aleksandra Hollingshead shares three ways to support families of students with autism.

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Distance Learning Resources for Education Stakeholders in the Northwest

As schools and districts grapple with how to educate students and deliver services amid school closures and social distancing, data-based decisionmaking is all the more crucial. We've compiled a list of resources that may be useful for the region's education stakeholders.

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Learn more about the research projects currently underway.