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Putting Research into Action
The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northwest partners with stakeholders in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington on using data and evidence to improve educational equity and student success.


Professional Development Incentives for Oregon's Early Childhood Educators

REL Northwest tested whether sending emails and offering financial incentives to early childhood educators led to increased education and training levels—an outcome linked to improved quality of care for children.


Exploring Policy and Practice for Indigenous English Learner Students

Authors of a recent study about Alaska Native English learner students discuss how decisionmakers can support Indigenous students' English acquisition while uplifting their rich linguistic assets.


Supporting Teacher Quality and Retention by Training Cooperating Teachers

Improving student teaching experiences could be a long-term investment in a stronger teacher workforce. We can start by building the mentoring skills of cooperating teachers.


Harnessing Data to Fight Housing Insecurity Among College Students

Too many college students don't know where they will sleep at night. In Washington state, student and housing advocates are fighting back against housing insecurity—with the power of data.

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Addressing Basic Needs Insecurity Among College Students

In the United States, about half of all college students face food and housing insecurity. Basic needs insecurity adversely affects students' well-being, as well as their college persistence and completion. This infographic explains the challenge and offers colleges evidence-based solutions for meeting students' basic needs so they can focus on their studies

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