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What's New at REL Northwest

New guide on analyzing student-level disciplinary data

REL Northeast and Islands has issued a new report to help districts in analyzing their student-level data to answer important questions about the use of exclusionary disciplinary actions. » More info


Implementing extended school days in Florida's 300 lowest performing elementary schools in reading

A new REL Southeast study examines how Florida's 300 lowest performing elementary schools in reading implemented an extended school day policy in 2014/15. » More info


Exploring District-Level Expenditure-to-Performance Ratios

REL Northeast and Islands demonstrates how conclusions about districts' use of resources may differ depending on the measures used to calculate expenditure-to-performance ratios. » More info


Reflections From a Professional Learning Community for Researchers Working in Research Alliances

REL Midwest describes how and why they used a professional learning community during the 2012-2017 REL contract to shift from a traditional research paradigm, with the researcher as an expert, to the collaborative research world, with the researcher as a partner. » More info


REL Study Highlights Need for More Accurate and Differentiated Early Warning Indicators for Specific Populations of English Learners

REL Northwest found that early warning indicators used by six Washington state school districts were poor predictors of dropout for all students, but particularly for English learner students. » More info

Featured Publication

Advanced Course Enrollment and Performance among English Learner Students in Washington State

Brown cover to the Advanced Course Enrollment study This descriptive study examines patterns in advanced coursetaking among current and former English learner students and never-English learner students in Washington state.

Adding it up: The value of education and work experience in Alaska

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