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Title:  Quick Review: "The Effects of School Vouchers on College Enrollment: Experimental Evidence from New York City"
Description: The study examines the effects of private school vouchers on college enrollment outcomes. The vouchers were given to low-income elementary-age students through the New York School Choice Scholarships Foundation (SCSF) program. The study found no differences of the offer of a school voucher on college enrollment; however, there was a positive impact of vouchers on college enrollment (part-time and full-time) for African-American students. In addition, the study reported that African-American students who were offered a school voucher had statistically significantly higher rates of attending a private 4-year university or a selective 4-year university. The study also found no statistically significant effects of school vouchers on any of the outcomes assessed for the subgroup of Hispanic students.
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Cover Date: September 2012
Web Release: September 18, 2012
Publication #: WWC QR0912
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Type of Product: Quick Review
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