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ED/IES SBIR in the News
ED/IES SBIR-Supported Products Win Industry Awards for Innovation
ED/IES SBIR Awardees in the News

ED/IES SBIR in the News

  • January, 2017 – EdSurge highlights the role of ED/IES SBIR in supporting research in the R&D of education technology. Read here.

  • December, 2016 – edscoop previews the 2016 ED Games Expo and details the learning games being demoed. Read here.

  • December, 2016 – The White House features ED/IES SBIR in a Fact Sheet on the future of technology-delivered assessment. Read here.

  • May, 2016 – The 2016 ED/IES SBIR awards are detailed in Ed NET Insight (Read Here) and Education Week (Read Here).

  • December, 2015 – Articles and blogs about the 2015 ED Games Expo, featuring ED/IES SBIR, appeared in EdSurge (Read Here); Inside IES Research (Read Here); edscoop (Read Here).

  • June, 2015 – ED/IES SBIR is featured in a piece on games for learning in VentureBeat. Read here.

  • April, 2014 – Cronkite News televises and publishes a story on education games, featuring ED/IES SBIR. Watch and Read here.

  • October, 2014 – Education Week publishes a feature article on the ED/IES SBIR program. Read here

  • July, 2014 – Education Week details the 2014 ED/IES SBIR awards. Read here.

  • June, 2014 – EdSurge features ED/IES SBIR's 2014 awards. Read here.

  • July 2013 – Gamifacation Co features the ED/IES SBIR program in a news story on learning games. Read here.

  • June 2013 – Education Week features the ED/IES SBIR program in a blog. Read here.

  • September 2012 – Education Week blogger Tom Vander Ark highlights several special education technology products funded by the ED/IES SBIR program. Read here.

  • August 2012 – Techonomy features ED/IES SBIR in a news article on education games. Read here.


  • May, 2017 – An IES Blog highlights its 2017 SBIR awards. Read here.

  • January, 2017 – Inside IES Research highlights growth mindset research and Mindset Works' SBIR and IES projects. Read here.

  • December, 2016 – Inside IES Research details IES-supported assessments and provides links to Youtube Playlists with 60 new forms of technology-delivered assessments. Read here.

  • September, 2016 – Inside IES Research highlights two awards to accelerators to build capacity of research in the R&D of education technology. Read here.

  • July, 2016 – The White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) posts a blog on emerging forms of educational assessment at ED/IES SBIR. Read here.

  • July, 2016 – 1776 posts a blog on the emerging area of augmented reality in education, highlighting IES projects. Read here.

  • July, 2016 – ED/IES posts a blog detailing projects that won industry awards in the first half of 2016. Read here.

  • May, 2016 – ED/IES SBIR posts a blog announcing its 2016 awardees. Read here.

  • May, 2016 – A blog details ED/IES SBIR's participation at the U.S. Department of Education's Take Our Children to Work Day on April 28, 2016. PDF File View, download, and print the blog post as a PDF file (457 KB)
  • January, 2016 – ED Homeroom features the women games developers from the SBIR program who participated in ED Games Day. Read here.

  • January, 2016 – ED Homeroom posts a recap of ED Games Day. Read here.

  • December, 2015 – posts a recap of the ED Games Expo. Read here.

  • May, 2015 – IES publishes a blog titled "Jumpstarting Innovation in Education Technology Through SBIR." Read Here.

  • December, 2014 – 1776 posts a blog on the ED/IES SBIR program titled "A Government Program Every American Startup Should Know About." Read here.

  • September, 2014 – ED Homeroom Blog recaps Ed Games Week in Washington DC through which many ED/IES SBIR awardees participated. Read here.

  • December 2013 – ED/IES SBIR Tech Expo showcases new education learning products:
    PDF File View, download, and print the article as a PDF file (504 KB)

  • May 2013 – The White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) features the ED/IES SBIR program in a blog about education games: Read here.

  • August 2012 – U.S. Department of Education's Homeroom Blog features ED/IES SBIR game-based learning projects: Read here.

  • January 2011 – Polyhedron Learning Media, Inc.'s virtual physics lab provides students easy access to science equipment and experiments. Read here.

  • November 2010 – Nimble Assessment Systems, Inc. successfully commercializes its computer-based testing tools. Read here.

ED/IES SBIR Products Win Industry Awards for Innovation

  • May, 2017 – ED/IES SBIR award Strange Loop Games wins the People's Choice award at Earth Games. Read here.

  • March 2017 –ED/IES SBIR awardee CharmTech Labs won EdTech Digest's 2017 Best Special Needs product award for Capti Voice. Read here.

  • March, 2017 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Sokikom is named as one of the 10 Hottest K12 solution providers by Education Technology Insights. See list here and Read article here.

  • January, 2017 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Schell Games won a KAPi Award (Kids at Play Interactive) award for the Best Educational Learning Tool Category at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for Happy Atoms. Read here.

  • January, 2017 – ED/IES SBIR awardees Sokikom and Agile Mind won SBA Tibbetts Awards for commercial success resulting from their SBIR awards. Read here.

  • November, 2016 – BrainQuake won the Top Submission in the Learning Sciences Category from the Digital Promise Research-Based Products competition. Read here.

  • June, 2016 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Strange Loop Games' Eco won the Climate Game Challenge at the Games for Change Festival in New York City. Read here.

  • May, 2016 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Readorium won the Best Reading/English/Language Arts Solution through the Software & Information Industry Association's (SIIA) CODiE program. Read Here.

  • May, 2016– ED/IES SBIR awardee Science4Us won the best Science Instructional Solution through the SIIA CODiE program and won THE Best Science Program through the BESSIE awards in April. Read Here and here.

  • May, 2016 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Electric Funstuff's Mission US won the Website Gold from the Parents' Choice Awards. Read here.

  • February, 2016 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Querium is recognized as one of the 10 Most Innovative Education Technology Companies of 2016 by Fast Company Magazine. Read here.

  • July, 2015 – Fluidity Software' FluidMath wins 1st Place in the "Best Performing Office Add-On" category through the Microsoft 2015 Office App Awards competition. See the list of all awardees here.

  • July, 2015 – ED/IES SBIR supported games for learning by awardees Electric Funstuff and Triad Interactive Media win Gold Awards, and Filament Games wins a Silver Award, at the 2015 Serious Play Conference. Read here.

  • May, 2015 – Triad Interactive Media wins a 2015 BESSIE Award for its math game Platinu Math. Read here.

  • May, 2015 – Teachley wins two 2015 Parent Choice Awards, for its Addimal Adventure and Mt. Multiplis math games.

  • May, 2015 – Imagine Education's (now "MidSchoolMath") Empires math game is selected as one of 12 winners in the Mobile Learning Partner's Apps for Class Challenge. The competition was sponsored by The Verizon Foundation and Innovate+Educate. See Video here.

  • February, 2015 – Zaption is recognized by Fast Company magazine as a Most Innovative Company of 2015 for use of video. Read here.

  • March, 2015 – Numbershire by Thought Cycle wins the National School Board Association Innovation Showcase. Read here.

  • March, 2015 – Zaption wins first place at the LaunchEDU competition at the 2015 SXSW conference. Read here.

  • November, 2014 – ED/IES SBIR awardees Attainment Company and Zaption win DILA awards from EdSurge and Digital Promise. Read here.

  • June, 2014 – Filament Games wins First Place at Game Learning Society Conference for Reach For the Sun. Read here.

  • June, 2014 – Teachley wins Apple Design Award for ED/IES SBIR-supported math learning game. Read here.

  • June 2013 – Triad Interactive Media wins the CODIE award from the Software Information and Industry Association (SIIA) for Best Education Game or Simulation. Read here.

  • June 2013 – Filament Games wins Best Gameplay award at the Games For Change conference for Reach For The Sun. Read here.

  • May, 2012 – Sokikom wins I award from the Software Information and Industry Association (SIIA) for Best Education Game or Simulation. Read here.

  • November, 2011 – Fluidity Software wins the competition as the "most innovation education technology product" at the Software Information and Industry Association's (SIIA) Ed-Tech Business Forum Innovation Incubator. Read here.

  • April, 2011 – Sokikom wins BESSIE Award as Top Online Mutliplayer Math Games. Read here.

  • April, 2011 – Sokikom wins "Best Educational Gaming and Adaptive Learning Company" at the Education Innovation Summit, Arizona State University Skysong. Read here.

  • April 2011 – Filament Games wins the grand prize from the National STEM Video Game Challenge. Read here.

ED/IES SBIR Awardees in the News

  • May, 2017 – ED/IES SBIR MidSchoolMath's Empires game is featured in an Albuquerque Journal article. Read here.

  • March, 20176 – ED/IES SBIR supported Eco by Strange Loops Games is featured in Wired UK. Read here.

  • January, 2017 –Elijah Mayfield of ED/IES SBIR-supported Lightside Labs named to the 30 under 30 list by Forbes Magazine (Read here). EdSurge features Elijah Mayfield. Read here.

  • 2016 – ED/IES SBIR Schell Games' Happy Atoms is featured by several news outlets: Huffington Post; EdSurge; TechCrunch; Inc.; Fox NY; TIME.

  • September, 2016 – A National Endowment for the Humanities blog features ED/IES SBIR Electric Funstuff's Mission US. Read here.

  • March, 2016 – Eduardo Briceño of ED/IES SBIR awardee Mindset Works was featured in an EdSurge Podcast. Listen here.

  • February, 2016 – ED/IES SBIR awardee MidSchoolMath (formerly Imagine Education) was featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican for their recent conference which attracted 700 educators Read here.

  • March, 2016 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Charmtech was featured in a TV News Story on Long Island for their Capti software which assists English learners in reading. Watch here.

  • February, 2016 – Chemistry gaming intervention Happy Atoms by ED/IES SBIR awardee Schell Games is featured in TIME magazine. Read here.

  • January, 2016 – SBIR Pulse highlights Mindset Works representing ED at SBIR Awareness Day on the Hill. Read here.

  • January, 2016 – Smithsonian Magazine names Kiko Labs an Innovator to Watch in 2016. Read the Inside IES Research Blog Here and see the Smithsonian Magazine article here.

  • December, 2015 – SBIR Pulse features ED/IES SBIR awardee John Krajewski of Strange Loop Games. Read here.

  • June, 2015 – The Washington Post publishes a blog highlighting Strange Loop Games' ED/IES SBIR environmental science game Eco. Read here.

  • June, 2015 – Newsweek publishes a story highlighting 3C Institute's ED/IES SBIR supported social and behavioral games Zoo U and Hall of Heroes. Read here.

  • May, 2015 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Zaption raises private funding. Read here.

  • March, 2015 – 1776 posts a blog highlighting several technology ED/IES SBIR products that support the needs of students with disabilities. Read here.

  • January, 2015 – Kiko Labs is featured in TechCrunch. Read here.

  • October, 2014 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Lightside Labs is acquired. Read here.

  • September, 2014 – ED/IES SBIR awardee Mastery Connect (formerly Socrative) raises a Series B round. Read here.

  • September, 2014 – A Wall Street Journal on language and math notes Teachley's Addimal Adventure. Read here.

  • June, 2014 – Sokikom featured in EdSurge article on ED/IES SBIR 2014 awards. Read here.

  • April, 2014 – Mindset Works and Scholastic Education announce partnership. Read here.

  • March, 2014 – Ed Briceno of Mindset Works featured on National Public Radio. Read here.

  • October, 2013 – Filament Games' Reach For The Sun is noted as a top education game in Venture Beat article on games for learning. Read Here.

  • September, 2013 – Mindset Works features in Education Week article. Read here.

  • February 2013 – Techcrunch features ED/IES SBIR awardee Sokikom: Read here.

  • June 2011 – Two national media outlets highlight Insight Learning Technology, Inc. Read here.