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Step 5. Examine Program Outcomes and Use Evidence to Improve

As you implement your programming it is important to examine outcomes and data at regular intervals and refine your approach as applicable to continually improve, learn and share your results with key stakeholders.

  • Review data and refine your approach
    • Read and use the checklists and templates in the continuous improvement toolkit that IES and REL Northeast and Island published for schools and districts to use continuous improvement in education.
    • At minimum, write out your plan for reviewing data addressing:
      • How frequently?
      • With whom?
      • What questions are we trying to answer?
      • What will we do with what we learn?
  • Begin continuous improvement cycle again as appropriate
    • Using your logic model and continuous improvement plan, refine your approach and begin the continuous improvement cycle again starting with Step 3 – Plan for Implementation.
  • Additional Resources from the U.S. Department of Education