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DEIA Virtual Listening and Learning Sessions

The National Center for Education Research (NCER) and the National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER) are hosting a series of virtual listening and learning sessions on broadening participation in our research grant programs as well as diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in education research. For more information, please see our Listening Sessions page.

Virtual Office Hours

Join IES program officers for discussions and question/answer sessions. Attend as many sessions as you would like!

How do I attend?
You can either use the information on this page, or you can click on the "Email me details" in the list of sessions for any of the sessions you are interested in. These links have preset subject lines to help ensure your message is processed correctly. After you send the email, you will receive an automated response with the login details, the name and contact information for the session leader(s), and any other details. If you need additional assistance, please use this link.

How do the sessions work?
Typically, they are a Q&A format. For some sessions, the IES program officer may have slides to share, but the purpose of the hour is to address your questions and to allow you to hear answers to questions that you may not yet have thought of.

Simply log into the meeting using the appropriate link below or by phoning in. We have disabled cameras for participants to help ensure more people can easily participate.

To help the program officers prepare, you can send questions beforehand using the "Email me details" links below.

How do I request accommodations?
If you would like to request accommodations (e.g., TTY, ASL, CART), please use this link to email a request for accommodations as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before the services are needed.

About Microsoft Teams
The U.S. Department provides IES program officers only Microsoft Teams software accounts. Luckily, the public does not have to have a Teams account to use the meetings. You can phone in or use the link provided. For information about how to use Microsoft Teams without an account, please refer to Microsoft's documentation.

Sessions for FY 2023 are coming soon.