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Performance Assessments in Use Webinar

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
1:30–3:00 p.m. EDT

This was the second of two REL Appalachia webinars on selecting, enhancing, and implementing performance assessments in science. Facilitators reviewed example performance assessments and highlighted exemplar instructional materials that supported their implementation. They also disseminated exemplars for improving performance assessments using the Virginia Quality Criteria Review Tool for Performance Assessments and REL Appalachia supplementary materials. Virginia science teachers shared insights and best practices from administering their own performance assessments through individual presentations and a Q&A session. For information on the first webinar, Introduction to Performance Assessments, which took place on August 4, click here.




Carmen Araoz, REL Appalachia, SRI International
Kori Hamilton Biagas, REL Appalachia, SRI International
Emma Pellerin, REL Appalachia, SRI International
Jessica Bailey, REL Appalachia, Education Development Center
Erin Lowery, Prince William County Public Schools
Carrie Roop, Prince William County Public Schools
Anne Peterson, Virginia Department of Education


Participant Workbook

Webinar Recording

  Performance Assessments in Use