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What's New at REL MIDWEST

State of Teacher Preparation Documentary and Viewing Guide

Watch and discuss this 30-minute, documentary-style public television program that covers evidence-based best practices for new teacher preparation and support.


State Profile Infographics

Check out our new infographics to learn more about the seven states in the REL Midwest region, which is geographically defined by four of the Great Lakes and the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.


Introducing the Midwest Alliance to Improve Knowledge Utilization

REL Midwest’s newest research alliance aims to learn more about effective strategies for increasing the uptake of research results by state and local education agency staff.

Latest from the REL Midwest Blog

How can states equip school districts to adopt evidence-based interventions?
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires districts to use evidence-based interventions in low-performing schools. But how do districts know which programs meet ESSA’s threshold? Learn how one state department of education is approaching this challenge with help from REL Midwest.

Research alliances: Structures for collaboration
REL Midwest is committed to using research in education. Our new video highlights the role practitioners play in driving REL Midwest research activities and describes our research alliance structure.

Culturally responsive practices bring educators together
REL Midwest and a regional education agency in Wisconsin convened educators to learn more about the research on culturally responsive practices to help schools improve educational outcomes for Black students.

Resource roundup: Improving outcomes for students of color
Want more information on how to better support students of color? We have rounded up high-quality resources on the topic, including research reports, infographics, and webinars.

Featured Publication

Reflections from a professional learning community for researchers working in research alliances

Publication cover This publication shares lessons learned about the challenges that REL Midwest researchers brought to a professional learning community and the strategies and tools that they used to overcome them.

Featured Video

This 30-minute, documentary-style public television program presents the research on academic supports for English learners featuring stories from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Multilingual Multicultural Education Program.