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REL Pacific


Click on the graduation cap and silhouette-blackboard icons below to learn more about REL Pacific Partnerships in each jursidiction.

Regional Partnerships Palau College and Career Readiness Palau Improvement of Teaching CNMI College and Career Readiness Guam College and Career Readiness FSM College and Career Readiness FSM Improvement of Teaching RMI College and Career Readiness

Through collaboration with the Partnerships, REL Pacific has identified four priority areas that drive the system improvement efforts forward. Partnerships can identity one or more of these priorities for their own projects that REL Pacific will support.

  1. College and Career Readiness and Success: aligning system expectations for K–12 graduates with entry into college and the workforce
  2. Professional Learning: collaborating with teachers and system leaders to create a professional learning environment in which teacher development is welcome and works
  3. Early Learning and Early Literacy: developing language skills and literacy goals in multilingual contexts for early elementary students
  4. Culturally Relevant Pacific Education: integrating Pacific cultures, languages, and indigenous knowledge into foundational models of education.