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Putting Research into Action
The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northwest partners with stakeholders in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington on using data and evidence to improve educational equity and student success.


Building Connections Through Perspective-Taking

Positive relationships between teachers and students are the bedrock for success in school and beyond. Learn how the skill of perspective-taking can help teachers make them a reality.

Special Feature

Finding (and Keeping) the Right People

Pasco High in Eastern Washington has a teacher turnover rate that's been consistently below the state average for five years. Find out what draws teachers to the school and makes them want to stay.


Aligning K-12 and Postsecondary Advising to Support Students

Find out how Oregon is working to improve students' transitions to college and careers by bringing high school guidance counselors and advisors at two-year colleges together to align data and supports.


Addressing the Dual-Language Teacher Shortage

Guest blogger Alma Morales Galicia shares how an alternative licensure program is helping to build a strong, stable dual-language teacher workforce at Portland Public Schools.

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Strengthening Relationships with Students from Various Backgrounds

At North Salem High, one of the most diverse high schools in Oregon, teachers use empathy and perspective-taking to build authentic relationships with students and reduce the need for discipline.

Works in Progress

Learn more about the research projects currently underway.