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Putting Research into Action
The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northwest partners with stakeholders in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington on using data and evidence to improve educational equity and student success.

Special Feature

Culture, Identity, Achievement: The interTRIBAL Immersion Program

A program in Great Falls, Montana, offers American Indian students an alternative path to graduation. Learn how a focus on Native culture and community impacts students' sense of belonging, as well as their academic achievement.


Examining Oregon's Investment in Accelerated Learning

Oregon students who earn college credit while in high school are more likely to graduate and enroll and persist in college, but equity gaps and credit transfer challenges need to be addressed.


Increasing Diversity in the Teacher Workforce

From preparation, recruitment, and hiring to welcoming and mentoring, everyone has a role in creating an environment that values diversity, ties the school to the community, and fosters teacher retention.


A Closer Look at All Forms of Accelerated Learning

Michelle Hodara digs deeper into new research-explaining ways students can earn college credit in high school, how participants are benefitting, and what can be done to improve access and outcomes.

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3 highschool student in a school hallway

Shifting the Current: Sense of Belonging and Social and Emotional Learning

A positive school climate promotes belonging, which is the foundation of social and emotional well-being. Discover schoolwide and classroom-level actions to foster a climate that sets students and educators up for success.

Works in Progress

Learn more about the research projects currently underway.