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photo of a teacher smiling

Idaho's Educator Landscape: How Is the State's Teacher Workforce Responding to Its Students' Needs?

A new study of Idaho's teacher workforce finds one in five Idaho teachers do not return to their school the next year, and students with the greatest academic and economic needs have the least experienced teachers.

three elementary students

School Discipline Data Indicators: A Guide for Districts and Schools

This guide is designed to help educators use data to reduce disproportionate rates of suspension and expulsion based on race or ethnicity. It provides examples of selecting and analyzing data to determine whether racial disproportionality exists in a school or district's discipline practices.

female middle school student

Reference Guides for Registering Students With Non-English Names

Getting a student's name right is the first step in welcoming him or her to school. This set of naming conventions guides can serve as a reference for accurately and consistently entering students' names in school, district, and state databases as well as address and greet parents in a culturally responsive and respectful way.

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