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What's New at REL West

Blog: Do You Have Research Questions About Education Policies, Programs, and Practices? Ask A REL Can Help!

Introduction to the REL's free reference and referral service that's helping to answer education questions and support research-based decisionmaking nationwide.


Blog: A “Change in Philosophy”: How ESSA is Asking Education Decisionmakers to Think Differently

Learn about how REL West is working with state education leaders to understand requirements in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and implement interventions.


Event Video: Evidence on Supporting School Leaders

Watch excerpts from a recent event on state education agency supports for school leaders under ESSA, including introduction of a logic model guide that helps state and district leaders understand the theory behind principal interventions and supports and identify the key components of evidence-based programs to inform the design, adoption, or refinement of their leadership initiatives.


Webinar: Using Learning Huddles to Improve Teaching and Learning

This webinar introduces the learning huddle: an innovative update to traditional teacher-inquiry protocols centered on continuous-improvement cycles known as "Plan-Do-Study-Act". The session will feature the work of the REL West K-6 Literacy Improvement Partnership.


Video Collection: Attendance Matters!

Learn from three rural school districts about how they are reducing chronic absence by using data, building a culture of attendance, and partnering with their communities to strengthen student supports.


Infographic: Data visualization can help educators address chronic absence

A new infographic from REL West, "Data visualization can help educators address chronic absence", shows how displaying data graphically in different ways can help educators more easily identify attendance patterns and groups of students who are chronically absent. With this information, they can better tailor relevant supports to the students who need them.


Infographic: Understand the Problem and the System That Produces It

Improvement science is a dynamic approach to problem-solving that can be used to understand and improve education programs and processes. This infographic illustrates a tenet of improvement science foundational to focusing collective efforts and identifying the right change ideas and provides key concepts and tools.

Featured Video

Reducing Chronic Absenteeism: Every Day Counts!

This 19-minute video helps schools and districts understand that chronic absenteeism is a problem they can address.

Featured Event

Identifying and Transforming Educational Inequities

October 5, 2017 & October 26, 2017

Presenters introduce key research on the existence and impact of microaggressions in education and share a four-stage framework for transformation that can be used within education systems to identify and address racial inequities and their impact on school climate.