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REL Northwest's Blog

 Using Data and Research to Support Policy Creation about Teacher Diversity in Washington State

By Alexandra Manuel and Jason Greenberg Motamedi | December 13, 2021

 Using Data to Help Two-Year College Transfer Students Succeed

By Michelle Hodara and Erich Stiefvater | November 25, 2021

 Lessons from the Pandemic: Evidence-Based Resources for Professional Development Trainers

By Hella Bel Hadj Amor and Steve Klein | November 18, 2021

 Exploring Policy and Practice for Alaska Native English Learner Students

By Lorna Porter and Ilana Umansky | August 6, 2021

 Supporting Teacher Quality and Retention by Training Cooperating Teachers

By Rebecca Merrill | July 29, 2021

 Harnessing Data to Fight Housing Insecurity Among College Students

By Michelle Hodara | July 19, 2021

 Building Districts' Capacity to Implement Equity-Focused SEL

By Julie Petrokubi and Sarah Pierce | June 1, 2021

 Improving Racial Equity in School Discipline through Culturally Responsive SEL

By Vicki Nishioka | April 24, 2021

 Helping Families Support Their Middle and High School Writers at Home

By Jacqueline Raphael | March 16, 2021

 How to Support Newcomer Immigrant and Refugee Students in Secondary School

By Jason Greenberg Motamedi, Lorna Porter, and Sara Taylor | February 26, 2021

 Helping Families Support Young English Learners at Home

By Kelli Scardina | January 25, 2021

 Exploring the Implications of Increasing Credit Requirements for High School Graduation in Washington

By Havala Hanson | January 25, 2021

 Taking a Closer Look at Exclusionary Discipline in Oregon Schools After Policy Reform Implementation

By Vicki Nishioka | January 12, 2021

 Examining the Most Recent Chapter of Career and Technical Education in Oregon High Schools

By Amy Arneson | October 26, 2020

 Helping Families Teach Math to Their Young Children with New Cross-REL Resources

By Elizabeth Gandhi | August 14, 2020

 How REL Coaching Helped Improve Data Collection at a CTE Program in Alaska

By Hella Bel Hadj Amor | August 6, 2020

 Ways to Create Welcoming, Bully-free Online Learning Environments

By Vicki Nishioka | June 10, 2020

 How Education Leaders Can Support Students with Autism During School Closures

By Dr. Aleksandra Hollingshead | May 10, 2020

 Getting Answers to Your Education-Related Research Questions: Spotlighting Ask A REL

By Ira Pollack | March 14, 2020

 The Potential Role Limited Certificated Teachers Can Play in Addressing Teacher Shortages

By Sun Young Yoon and Jason Greenberg Motamedi | February 6, 2020

 Taking a Closer Look at Educator Retention and Turnover in Alaska

By Hella Bel Hadj Amor and Ashley Pierson | January 16, 2020

 Examining Educator Shortages in Montana

By Sun Young Yoon | December 6, 2019

 Supporting Native Students Through Accurate Identification and Holistic Supports

By Mandy Smoker Broaddus, Elijah Moreno, and Sarah Pierce | November 22, 2019

 A Multidisciplinary Approach to School Safety

By John Van Dreal | October 10, 2019

 Beyond Vocabulary Lists: Strategies for Helping Newcomer English Learner Students Develop Academic Language

By Rosie Santana and Kelli Scardina | September 13, 2019

 Looking Ahead and Building on Past Successes

By Fiona Helsel and Jennifer Esswein | August 12, 2019

 Promoting a Positive School Environment for All Students

By Vicki Nishioka | July 18, 2019

 Putting a Freeze on Summer Melt

By Michelle Hodara | June 10, 2019

 Strategies Families Can Use to Help Their Children Both Learn and Love Math

By Karyn Lewis | May 6, 2019

 Empowering Rural Educators with Networks and Data

By Jacqueline Raphael and Nettie Legters | April 2, 2019

 The Past, Present, and Future Role of Tribal Community Members in Education

By Mandy Smoker Broaddus | March 11, 2019

 Increasing Diversity in the Teacher Workforce: The Importance and Potential Impact of Authentic Change

By David Stevens and Jason Greenberg Motamedi | February 8th, 2019

 Taking a Closer Look at All Forms of Accelerated Learning in Oregon

By Michelle Hodara | January 15, 2019

Special Feature: interTRIBAL Immersion Program

 Practicing Native Culture, Building Personal Identity, Fostering Academic Achievement

By Lisa Rummler | January 1, 2019

 Changing the Conversation: How Educators Can Support Social and Emotional Learning by Creating a Positive School Climate

By Lauren Bates and Karyn Lewis | December 12, 2018

 Tackling Stakeholder-Generated Research Questions and Spurring Data-Driven Decisions to Increase the Diversity of Washington's Teaching Force

By Jason Greenberg Motamedi | December 3, 2018

 Elevating Native Student Success and Empowering Tribal Education Sovereignty: Recent and Future Work with the Northwest Tribal Educators Alliance

By Shannon Davidson, Elijah Moreno, and Mandy Smoker Broaddus | November 19, 2018

 Intentionality and Tailoring: Ways to Develop and Optimize Programs for English Learners

By Tim Blackburn | September 25, 2018

 Convening Researchers and Practitioners From Across the Country to Explore Issues in Postsecondary Readiness and Success

By David Stevens and Michelle Hodara | September 12, 2018

Special Feature: From the Inside Out

 How Equity Has Helped Close the Graduation Gap for Latino Students in One Oregon District

By Bracken Reed | September 1, 2018

 Influencing Attitudes and Beliefs: How Sense of Belonging, Growth Mindset, and Self-Efficacy Can Influence Students' Math Skills

By Karyn Lewis | July 6, 2018

 Finding Solutions in an Hour: A Montana High School Optimizes Early Warning System Team Meetings

By Aurora Moore | June 5, 2018

 Building Connections with Students from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds Through Perspective-taking

By Vicki Nishioka | May 11, 2018

 Setting Students up for Success by Aligning K-12 and Postsecondary Advising Data and Supports

By Jacqueline Raphael | April 10, 2018

 Finding a Solution to the Dual-language Teacher Shortage at Portland Public Schools

By Alma Morales Galicia | March 5, 2018

Special Feature: Teacher Recruitment and Retention

 If You Want to Make a Difference, Come Here

By Bracken Reed | February 15, 2018

 Exploring State-by-state Definitions of Kindergarten Readiness to Support Informed Policymaking

By Ashley Pierson | January 29, 2018

 Stopping the Spread of Math Anxiety: Three Messaging Strategies for Elementary School Teachers

By Karyn Lewis | December 26, 2017

 Making the Grade: Clear and Consistent Evaluation of International Transcripts

By Mary Martinez-Wenzl | December 6, 2017

 Preparing Children to Thrive: Supporting Early Learning Systems and Stakeholders in Oregon

By Fiona Helsel and Vicki Nishioka | November 28, 2017

 Supporting High-Impact Work, Helping Stakeholders Inform Policy: A REL Coaching Experience in Idaho

By Jennifer Esswein | November 2, 2017

 REL Northwest and Oregon School Districts Collaborate to Support English Learners in the Language and Practice of Argumentation

By Tim Blackburn | October 25, 2017

 Having Conversations, Building Capacity: A Snapshot of a Successful Research-Practice Partnership in Oregon

By Vicki Nishioka | October 17, 2017

 Expanding Underrepresented Students' Access to and Enrollment in Dual-Credit Courses

By Ashley Pierson and Michelle Hodara | October 9, 2017

 New Work, Same Mission: REL Northwest In 2017 And Beyond

By Christopher Mazzeo | March 29, 2017