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District and School Flexibility

The District and School Flexibility Partnership studies issues specific to Georgia on improving student outcomes in local education agencies with a Strategic Waivers School System (SWSS) contract.

The goal of the partnership is to learn how SWSS and charter systems have implemented the waiver initiative and what flexibilities are associated with student performance gains over time for both types of systems.

  • Francesca Black
    Division Attorney, District Flexibility and Charter Schools
    Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE)
  • Caitlyn Dooley
    Deputy Superintendent
  • Louis Erste
    Associate Superintendent, Policy, Charter Schools, District Flexibility, and Governmental Affairs
  • Howard Hendley, Ed.D.
    Director of Policy
  • Stephanie Johnson
    Director, School Improvement
  • Allen Mueller
    Director, Office of Charter Schools
  • Kerry Pritchard
    Accountability Manager, Office of Charter Schools
  • Robert Swiggum
    Chief Information Officer


Beth Howard-BrownBeth Howard-Brown

Beth Howard-Brown oversees the District and School Flexibility Support Alliance. Dr. Howard-Brown also directs the Southeast Comprehensive Center, which supports states and local education agencies in addressing the Every Student Succeeds Act in the areas of school improvement, the use of evidence-based research, professional development, educator effectiveness, and instructional strategies for specific populations.