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January 2013

New Facebook Game Helps with College Preparation

For American high school students, obtaining information on the college application process is critical to successful college admissions. Yet access to such services is limited for students in urban schools. With support from an NCER grant . . . » read more

Staff News

Thomas BrockThomas Brock

Thomas Brock Joins IES as NCER Commissioner

On January 14, Thomas W. Brock joined IES as the Commissioner of the National Center for Education Research. Brock comes to IES from MDRC, where he served as director of the Young Adults and Postsecondary Education Division, leading MDRC's higher education projects focused primarily on finding ways to increase academic achievement, persistence, and completion among low-income college students. » read more

Making Research Findings More Understandable and Useful

In November 2012, NCSER released a report to help researchers translate effect size statistics into more interpretable forms that are helpful to practitioners, policymakers, and researchers. » read more

Regional Educational Laboratory Partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities

REL Mid-Atlantic has inaugurated a new research alliance that includes nine Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the Mid-Atlantic region. » read more

Results of U.S. Student Participation in International Mathematics, Science, and Reading Assessments

NCES releases two reports summarizing the performance of U.S. fourth- and eighth-grade students in mathematics, science, and reading compared to their peers in a large number of countries and other education systems. » read more

Research Findings on Reclassification Policies for English Learners

Improving the educational outcomes of English Learners is a pressing need in U.S. schools. Many English Learners need additional supports as they attempt to simultaneously master challenging content and build proficiency in English. » read more