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August 2007

Biennial Report to Congress

Director Russ Whitehurst issued the Director's Biennial Report to Congress in May, covering activities and accomplishments of the Institute in 2005 and 2006. » read more
teacher speaking with students

Improving Teacher Quality

"We know teachers matter, and they matter a lot," Russ Whitehurst commented last spring in a talk to the American Educational Research Association. But, he said, there are many things we don't know, or that we're just beginning to understand—or that we understand but haven't translated from theory to practice. What are the characteristics of effective teachers?
» read more

New Contract for WWC

In June, IES awarded a five-year contract to Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. of Princeton, NJ, for operation and expansion. » read more

National Reference Desk

A major collaborative project is currently underway in the Regional Educational Laboratory Program. » read more

IES Appointments

Since the beginning of 2007, grant applications to IES competitions must be submitted via » read more